Thursday, January 07, 2010

Sisters of Battle part II

Well it's time for Part II of the Sisters of Battle, in the last post you saw what I have completed, this post will show you what I am working on and what needs assembly. So on with the post...

First up is an Elite choice of Arco-flagellants that I am working on. These models have been on the blog before but now I have them finished and primed up for paint. I really never liked the GW version because there is only one pose. So after thinking about it I converted up these guys with WHFB Ghouls and Empire Flagellants, throw in some 40K bits, and you have some cool looking models. I know from a game perspective that the Arco's are a bit of a gamble, but I really love the back story on them and had to build them.

Next up is another Elite choice that has seen the blog before, my Father Repentias, now with basic colors being applied. Once again I was not fond of the GW Sister Repentias, too Dominatrix like and it really did not fit with the rest of the army. So I came up with a back story that these guys are minor criminals that the SoB had caught and to atone for their crimes they went into battle to die for the Emperor to be absolved for their crimes. Once again these guys are the leftovers of the WHFB Flagellants with chainswords taken from different 40K models. The only true GW Repentia is the Mistress model that DrunkenSamurai gave me.

Now we move onto items that will be added or need assembly (or paint), first up is a group of Inquisitor Henchman from the GW Witch Hunter Box set. I have started some figures but put them away after loosing interest to finish them. These guys are going to be back on the bench again since they can work for all sorts of things.

next up are a few more Priests and a old Redemptor Kyrinov The Arch Confessor as well as a Cawdor ganger and regular civilian model from GW (far left). Once again these are great models for just about anything and I am glad I have them. I also found my Uriah Jacobus model after I took the picture.

Next are a few Sisters carrying Imagifers, I have a total of four of them and look forward to getting them into battle.

Here is a second group of Seraphim equipped the same as my painted squad. I had envisioned having two units of ten to use too out flank opponents, but the cost of them is pretty high. perhaps one day I will field this unit.

Now here are a few extra Sisters of Battle, there are 19 of them here, I also have an extra 15 painted that I did not take pictures of yesterday. My goal is to take the helmeted SoB and make them Celestines while the others will become Dominion Squads, and Retributer squads.

Here are a few extra Sisters Supierors and Cannoness. The Cannoness to the left has a converted bolter (taken from a Void Figure) to represent a Master Crafted weapon.

Now onto a true Heavy Support, here is a Penitent Engine, once again I am looking forward to getting this painted and into the army.

Now we move onto some Heavy weapons, first up are three extra Heavy Flamers, I have three currently painted and these will be added one day.

Next are 9 Multi-Meltas ready for action in Retributer Squad.

And following along are 8 Heavy Bolters to be changed out if I want Bolter fire for big hoard armies.
Special weapons come next with eight regular meltas. Once again I have one Melta in each of my painted units already. These can be used for a Dominion squad or two.

And since we are talking Dominion squads how about adding in a few regular flamers? I have 14 of them here ready to go, man a squad with four flamers could mess up a lot of hoard armies.

Here is the transport box, it has something like nine old school rhinos in there to either be stock Rhinos or Immolators. I have enough immolater parts to make all nine true Immolaters. But I have been toying with upgrading my army to new vehicles, I am still thinking about that. I have a plan to use the old bits on the New Rhinos to make some custom looking vehicles, so we shall see.

Here are a few extra Seraphim that I have, I counted and there is about 22 of them, I have all their backpacks as well. Once again I had ideas to see an all Seraphim equipped army to play against friends.

Here is also the leftover of Sisters that include a few heavy weapon bodies, a few regular SoB missing their backpacks, as well as a few Sisters Superiors in there. These are used for trade or conversions.

Also I did not get a chance to take pictures of the 60 Mordian Imperial Guard models that I have. I have enough to do an Inducted Platoon to fight along side my SoB. The Mordians look very officer like and would look good with the SoB.
So there you go, all of my Sisters of Battle stuff, I can only hope that the Witch Hunters get a new Codex soon (Rumors say sometime in 2011) which will give me enough time to paint up all this stuff...


Chris said...

I started a Sisters of Battle army, but got tired of painting what seemed like an entire army of one pose. I think I'd come back to it if GW released a few plastic SoB infantry kits, as I love the fluff that goes along with them.

Muskie said...

This isn't an army, it is a crusade of retribution...