Friday, January 01, 2010

Hopes for 2010, Top Eleven


First post for the New Year and I might as well my New Years Gaming resolutions out there like so many other Bloggers, so here goes, these are in no order, my Top Eleven (have to be different)...

#1 To play more 40K - Hmm, this seems interesting since it looks like I played a lot of 40K last year. My goal is to be as comfortable with 40K rules as I am with the LotR rules. The only way this will happen is if I play more 40K. I have two armies already (Imperial Guard & Sisters of Battle) so there is no reason why I can't play more games. So we hopefully 40K will hit the table more often in 2010.

#2 To play Warhammer Fantasy - I used to play WHFB about ten years ago, but left it for Warhammer Historical. I had about 6 different armies of various sizes, but sold them all off to get into other things. As some will know, I had a huge Tomb Kings army that I had acquired a few years ago, but could not get excited about it. Well thanks to Rob (aka DrunkenSamurai) he planted the seed in my head to play WHFB since he has been building a beautiful Beastman army. So I made a deal with another friend and I am now the proud owner of a 2500+ point Orc & Goblin army.

#3 To Play in Some Local Tourneys - For the last two years now I have been running Gathering in the Desert, a LotR Independent GT style tourney. This takes up a lot of time with planning and such and I never get to play in the tournament since I am running it. In fact, I have not played in many tourneys because I was the guy running them. Well this year I want to be able to play in a few of the local events, so this year I would like to enter at least one WHFB and one 40K tourney held here in the valley. This should be pretty easy since there are a bunch of local events here in the valley of the sunstroke.

#4 To add more Units to my 40K armies - This one is interesting, you see both of my armies are at the level of being done to me. The IG army has about 3000 points painted and the Sisters of Battle are at 2000 points of painted stuff. I still have a ton of SoB stuff left(about 3000 more points unpainted) and a ton of Armour for the IG unpainted. But I have this mental block about painting up more stuff. In my mind I think the armies are done, so why do I need to add to them, but in reality both armies could use more different troop choices. So starting with 2010, I plan to add more units to both armies.

#5 To write up Articles for LotHS - Ever since I wrote Legends of the High Seas, I wanted to add more to the game. I thought that Warhammer historical would want another book since the first did so well and I have a ton of ideas for a second book. But when Warhammer Historical went over to the guys doing Forgeworld, there has been no talk of another book. So because of this and a few other issues, I have not been overly excited about writing lately. But I would like to get a few articles out there in 2010, I just need to buckle down and write.

#6 To Attend Adepticon - This is really a no brainier, but with me still out of work, it is hard to justify making the trip again to Chicago. All I have to do is cover the airfare and spending money, but with me not working it is starting to stress me out a bit about going. I love the event and have made some great friends in Chi Town, but need to find the funds to make the trip. So I add this to the list for 2010.

#7 To Run a successful Campaign - In years past I have tried to run many game campaigns but have always either bit of more than I can chew, or participation waned. This year I would like to run a simple WHFB & a narrative 40K Campaign. I am very interested in both but 40K seems to be taking the lead, I love the Inquisition stuff and I would love to develop a nice storyline campaign for a few friends.

#8 To grow Gathering in the Desert - My idea for GitD started a few years ago and I would like to expand it from LotR to other systems of 40K & WHFB. I am not looking at running the other two systems, but to find people who share the vision of GitD which is to have the very best events we can run. I have spoken to a few people for both 40K & WHFB and I think we can grow GitD into a big 3 event. So 2010 will be about expanding GitD.

#9 No New Game Systems! - With me still out of work, I do not have much of a income, so I want to use 2010 to focus on the games I already have. You see I am like most gamers and when the newest thing comes out I want it, but i need to have some self control. I guess that's the sign of maturity, when you see something you can say no. So I will not get into any new game systems this year.

#10 To Play More! - Pretty simple really, I need to play more games. DrunkenSamurai and I only get to play once a month if that, but I want to increase that this year. I have all these games, if they are not getting played than why did I buy them?? So I want to increase my game playing this year. So I guess I will be throwing the doors open at the old SPL (Secret Pirate Lair) more often for games.

#11 To Document My Games - I have done a lot of things that never make it to the Blog. I get lazy about getting things up, sorry no better excuse. So I want to be able to bring folks more in 2010 about what I am doing & playing, so hopefully I will get over being lazy and document what I am doing.

So there is my top eleven (in no particular order) of what I would like to do in 2010. Some things will continue like twice a month updates here as well as me finding a real job. So it will be interesting to look back in a year to see what I have done. Now where is that 40K rulebook???



cianty said...

Some good points. Good luck with them! :)

I look forward to some LotHS articles, because I too am disappointed about the lack of official support for the game.


Jerry said...

Some good goals, Tim! I need to dust off my WHFB stuff too. I have three unused armies ready to go. And I'm with you on limiting new games and armies. I did that last year and really saved a few dollars.

Good luck and give me a holler if you want to game.

Mike G. said...
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Mike G. said...

You should add FOW to the games you want to play list. You have a force that just needs paint.

I'd like to focus on GW for the year as well. I know the new 40k fairly well but I would like to become more familiar with WHFB. I managed to play a game of WHFB this past Wednesday so that was good. Other than the GW games and FOW, I want to play some pulp and uncharted seas. No new games for me in 2010 either.