Thursday, February 11, 2010

What Does it take??

So what does it take to run an Independent Lord of the Rings Grand Tournament, well here is a picture of some of the items that I am bringing to run this event.

In this stack you will find:
5 containers full of terrain that was assembled and painted for this event.
1 Realm of Battle board
1 Box full of $600.00 worth of Prize support
1 Box full of Trophies and Plaques
1 Box of Shirts for the event
1 6'x3' Banner for event
1 Box full of Badges, lanyards and tournament packets
3 Boxes of terrain from Massachusetts from Jeremy
1 Folder with all the FAQ info for LotR along with a few White Dwarfs.
All my Rule books and supplement books
1 container full of objective markers
4 cases of sodas
3 cases of water
Bag of utensils, napkins, plates for catered lunch.
And if that was not enough, I still need to bring the "Ringer Army", in case we have an odd number of players. My Red Dragon entries, my dice and other game items.
Now this is not all of the stuff, my buddy Drunkensamurai has to bring the other Realm of Battle board and the rest of the terrain that he has been building and painting. I also have Tom bringing two tables worth of terrain (Rohan & the dreaded Osgilith table from last year!).
One last thing, the last two years I have forgotten to bring Serving spoons for the lunch's, this year I remembered to buy them as seen below, now I just need to remember to bring them! LOL


Tom O said...

Don't forget Jeremy's "crown"!

Tom O

Tim Kulinski said...

Oh I won't, it's in the box already!

ZeroTwentythree said...

I looked over that list a little too quickly at first and wondered, "What is he going to do with 1 Box of Badgers?" :D

Good luck with your event!

Anonymous said...

Alright! I'll be there in less than a week now.

I wish my packing was as organized as your list is.

I've still got my display board to finish, the tournament packet for Mt. Doom Madness to finish, and I'm sure a bunch of other things I'm forgetting.