Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Roger Dodger!


I was inspired last week to build a couple of new cars for Gaslands, this time I wanted to put together a team of cars and build one of the factions from the book. I decided to build a Highway Patrol theme team using two of the same cars, which I chose the Roger Dodger car that I saw on the Jackal Garage stream on Monday night the Mike is running.

Roger & Dodger

I did my usual disassembly of the cars and stripped the paint and chrome of the cars. I knew I wanted to keep the cars similar but also a bit different. Most parts came from the Implements of Carnage spre (Smoke launcher in back, Guns and push bar on the front). The light bar on top is actually sections of plastic sprue frame from some Warlord bases! I also used two different sets of guns as I figured the pit crew used whatever weapons they could to add to the cars.

Love the stock motor, paints up nicely.

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I love the stock motor on this car, it paints up so nicely and I highly recommend it as the detail really pops once you paint it. Overall the car is a very slick design and just seemed to work for some sort of Highway patrol looking car. 

Side by side shot

Painting was pretty simple, just a prime of black and then painted in the white and other details like the motor. I washed the rims and motor with Army Painter Strong tone but avoided the white areas. I did do some lite lining on the door thought. Once dried I applied a couple of Skull decals from an old Imperial Guard decal sheet to the doors. I then applied my weathering and sealed with a dull coat over the car to seal it. One thing I also did was to the Windshield, I cut out some painters tape in a form of wiper blade marks and stuck to the windshield before weathering and sealer. I wanted that dirty windshield look like they just ran the wipers. It really makes the car stand out.

Roger & Dodger ready to Race!

This was a fun build and the cars look awesome, I may continue on building team cars in sets of two like this, we will see. But really looking forward to getting these guys on the table!


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Good work Tim!