Wednesday, October 07, 2020

Welcome to Orctober!


My buddy Mike over at the Dagreenskins blog is a huge orc fan, he loves the Green Skins. Well he does a live stream every Saturday Morning (Whats Up with Mike and Jeff) and they decided that in October that they would work on Orc models calling it Dagreenskins Orctober Fest. Well a bunch of us decided to join along and paint up at least one Orc as well.

So I dug through my models and found this limited edition Warhammer Online model that my brother gave me and decided to paint him up. The plan was to work on him all month, but once I got going, I could not stop and finished up the model in a few days. here is the progression of the model

Primed model, switched out round base so I can use with my Warhammer Quest games. Also added new top knot and skull on goblins staff as they broke off.

Primed up model on new base!

Drybrushed to see the details, there is a lot on there

base painted and washed, waiting for it to dry.

Almost there, highlights to do.

Completed model!

I really like how the model turned out and am happy to add him to my collection for Warhammer Quest.



Robert said...

Look great! What is the name of this model? GW names everything so it has to have a name.

Tim Kulinski said...

Have no clue, even the tab it was on only said Online.