Friday, November 20, 2020

From GW to WG


Been thinking about this a lot recently and how once again I feel that the Games Workshop Hobby for me is gone. GW's current trend of marketing seems to be not for me anymore as they are more focused on attracting new customers for the corporate machine. Us older gamers that have been in the hobby for some time are not important, I know this first hand from my short time working at GW, during training they seem to disparage long time hobbyists, but I wont go into that. All I see is new things to get more money for the company and the current trend of limited supply is unsettling, almost like they are causing this frenzy for their products on purpose.

Well, with that said, I think I may be switching over to Wiley Games and the start playing more of his games. For those that dont know, Jaye Wiley (Barons Blog) is an independent rules writer who is most notorious for  Fistful of Lead and Fistful of Lead Reloaded.

I have been using his rules for sometime for Old West and last year for my Tales of Horror game that I ran. 

Jaye's rules are fast and fun and more importantly will not break the bank! They are a great group game or con game set of rules that will allow you to run multiple people with. I have always liked skirmish games and these rules fit the bill. The other great thing is he offers many different periods and settings using the same core rules.

As you can see above, he does have just a few different periods and settings, besides these there are scenarios and other cool things on his website. Out of the above I am only missing two books, which I will be sure to pick up soon. Jaye is working on a set of Fantasy rules currently and hopefully a Big Stompy Robot set of rules that I keep bugging him about. He has much more settings planned for these fun rules.

As I said above, I think I am going to move more towards actually playing these rules in the future, the game buddies I get to play with enjoy them. Plus, by playing these rules, I can use whatever figures I want to and that is something that I like to do!

So if your looking for fast, fun skirmish rules, look no further, these are the rules your looking for!



Tom O said...

So, are you done with Kill team and Necromunda too?

Tim Kulinski said...

Tom, Kill Team I think is done with GW, there are no plans to support it. Necromunda may be coming up for another new addition soon, the chase for new faction books, new cards and new models is getting old, I am on the fence with the new Van Saar stuff. Blood Bowl for me is done, I just can not keep up with all the new rules and I am sure new team books that will come out.

Now with saying that, will I get rid of my Kill Team or Necro, no, just means that I am going to be spending a whole lot less on Necro. The point is, the GW hobby is getting way too expensive again and I am not getting that much fun out of it.

Tom O said...

Gotcha. I'm fine with sticking with the current version of KT and Necromunda. If you don't play those or AOS, I'm down to a single opponent for each realistically (Robert), and it would just be better for me to move on from those games if they won't be played. Just thinking of my future gaming as well. I'm done with new stuff from GW, but would stick with the current KT, Necromunda & AOS...if I have opponents within our group. If I don't, then I'm done as I won't keep chasing those games.