Thursday, May 10, 2018

The More you try to get out, the more they pull you back in!


Games Workshop has done it to me again, either they are really good or I am really weak, but here is what I did yesterday!
New Box Set for and old favorite.
So ever since GW released Necromunda, I have been keeping it an arms length justifying to myself that I did not need it. GW already had me back with Bloodbowl and I thought I could stay away from this one. Drunkensamurai had picked up the game when it came out and was pulled back in and we played a few games and I loved it. But I rationalized to myself that I would allow Drunkensamurai to pick up the game and I would stay focused on Bloodbowl and keep up with their releases.

Well this week, the Van Saars came out for Necromunda and the models look amazing and it was my gang back in the day. I had mentally told myself that if the Van Saars came out and they looked good, I would pick up a box of figures and possibly start playing again. If they looked just okay, I would pass.

Well guess what, the figures are awesome and I succumbed to picking up the box game, tactic cards for the Van Saars and the Gang War booklet for the Van Saars, but as luck would have it, my local shop was out of the figures!!! Doh!

So, hopefully my local store will get a restock so I can pick up my gang, so I guess the saying about trying to leave is true, they keep pulling you back!

Man I am weak!


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