Friday, July 20, 2018

Who's ready for Grumble Bowl 2018???

Good Morning Blood Bowl Fans,

So my local store will be running a one day Blood Bowl event on September 29th, 2018 called Grumble Bowl! They are wanting to make this a once a year event and I have always wanted to play in a Blood Bowl Tournament, so here is my chance.

I pretty much decided that I would run an Orc team and it would be a great chance to bring out my Azog Ardinals team, the only time they have been out was Taco Bowl I, which was earlier this year that I ran for a few friends. My Orcs were run by a friend of mine, Derek Rider. He did very well with them getting Mr. Assassin award, although he was playing against a elf team to get all those casualties!

Any way, I decided that the Ardinals would make another appearance for Grumble Bowl, but I needed to finish off the team. Now when I started the team about a year ago, I had plans to make a few extra models for the Coaching staff, so I dug through my unpainted minis and found a few models to use for coaching staff. First up was a Savage Orc Shaman that would be great for an apothecary,  no real conversion work, just painted him up in the Ardinals colors. Next was the cheer leader, which was a Savage Orc musician that I converted and gave him a banner for the team. I am on the look out for a second edition orc cheer leader and if you have ever seen this model, it is a very disturbing model, but perfect for Orcs! The Head coach model is a 3rd (or 4th or 5th) edition plastic Black Orc Blocker that just seemed to be perfect for the coach.

Apothecary, Head Coach and Cheerleader
So with that I had my coaching staff, which I will use for my Re roll, TD and turn markers for the game. I plan to add a back drop that has the Azog Ardinals name and logo on it for the event, but we will see how the inspiration for that goes. All in all I am very happy with how this team came out and I was worried that the Red/White uniform color with their green skins would give off a xmas vibe, but I don't think so. So now I just have to get in a few practice games with them before Grumble Bowl 2018. here are a few more pictures of the team.

The award winning coaching staff for the AZog Ardinals (Which they looted from the Blood Bowl Hall of Fame!)

2018 AZog Ardinals

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