Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Life in the Underhive is Harsh!


I really have been enjoying going back to the Necromunda and playing the game again. For me Necromunda was one of the coolest settings in the 40K universe, and I thoroughly enjoyed the game back in the day. Now that it has been out, DrunkenSamurai and I have played through the basic scenarios, both of us enjoying the standard 2-D game.

Well this past weekend I brought out an old favorite, the Van Saars (with new Models) onto the table to show our buddy Tom how well the game works. I took a stock gang equipped just like the instructions for the new box came and headed into the Under Hive to face Drunken Goliath's in scenario one.

Now you may notice the walls, these are from Death Ray Designs that I picked up for Drunken while at Adepticon this year. By adding these walls, it really changes the game, you start to loose where your enemies are on the board and just bring a cool vibe to the game. Drunken is still painting them and they are paint heavy on details, so it will take him some time to get through them. I am looking forward to getting a set for myself in the very near future.

So below are a few shots from this weekends game, enjoy!

Champion and two Gangers

Leader, ganger and Champion.

Leader shoots at charging Ganger!

The Van Saar leader is Taken out of Action!
So there you go, a brief update as to what I have been playing recently and I am loving it! Now onto bigger things...



Barks said...

Very cool- I quite like the flat board with walls, I think you get more close combat. Is the Van Saar shield clear or tinted?

Tim Kulinski said...

It's clear blue plastic that comes right out of the box like that!