Monday, May 14, 2018

Van Saar on the Work Bench


A quick update to the Necromunda, I ended up picking up a box of Van Saars on Saturday and started building. Now one thing I will say, these kits are awesome! They are also true model kits that do take some time to assemble. In fact, it took me about an hour for each model shown below, so about three hours of work. The figures are so complex that when I first saw them I almost pulled out my old metal Van Saars and said forget it, but I pushed on.

First New Van Sarrs
Now one thing I noticed while assembling these figures is that they looked very familiar to me. Now they did not have the same old school look, but something newer. Then it dawned on me, these figures look very similar to Infinity Nomad models! Take a look.

These look strangely familiar, hmmm??
Anyway, that gives me hope to possibly some of my larger Nomad suits for Van Saar Brutes, so we shall see.


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