Thursday, April 26, 2018

Red Devils Attack!


A few weeks ago Drunkensamurai and I threw down a game of Bolt Action, version 1. We took about 1000 points ( I actually had about 1022 points) each with him taking his Red Devils vs a Veteran Grenadier Force. This game we used the new Bocage pieces that we have been working on and set up a very Normandy looking table. 

It was a hard fought game with the Germans barely pulling out a victory defeating the Red Devils. Some folks asked why we were still using the version one rules, well, to be honest, we like the rules and have not read the newer version yet. We are going to be doing one more large game (Point 213 Hill battle) in June which will be the last time we use the older rules. So here are a few pictures i snapped off while playing.

The Normandy Table

The Sunrise over the battlefield

A German MMG covering the road. 

Germans advancing next to the fields.

Covering the gap in the Bocage

Red Devils take the ruined farmhouse.

Germans rushing across the open road.

Advancing on the ruined farmhouse.

Squad one with Mortar support.

Charging the farmhouse

Oh, and after the game i was so inspired to play Bolt Action again I busted out an army that has been sitting waiting to get painted, my Japanese Force. So stay tuned for more pics of them in the future.

Next New army IJA


A J said...

Nice looking figures and terrain.

Robert Brightwell said...

It was a very fun game.