Monday, September 21, 2009

Terrain for GitD 2010

As I get home today I am greeted by 6 large boxes on my doorstep from Games Workshop. You see I ordered more terrain for GitD and it arrived today. Notice my cat Sydney decided to investigate the said boxes!

I get a few e-mails asking what it takes to run a well run event. Besides allot of prep work on scenarios, location, as well as other things, it also takes terrain. So below is a picture of what I will be using for GitD 2010, here is the breakdown of items received today:

8 Boxes of Citadel Woods
6 Citadel Gaming Hills
6 Citadel Modular Gaming Hills
4 Arcane Ruins
4 Temple of Skulls
3 Pack of Static Grass Tubs
2 Citadel Realm of Battle Gameboards
Now the real fun begins, the assembly & painting of it all! Also there will be a few conversion that have to be done to make some items more Lord of the Rings Themed. For example, the Temple of Skulls will have the skulls covered up to look like rocks and I might add a tower or ruin. Also I am thinking of re basing the trees in the woods box so I can get double duty out of the woods base as a rough terrain piece. Also there are a few sections on the Gameboards that have to be filled in (the skulls for one) since you don't see those too often in Lord of the Rings.

So the next few updates will be showing the construction and painting of all this terrain. I hope to have at least one battle board ready for the Primer at the end of October, so we shall see.



John@Plastic Legions said...

Holy Crap Tim!!..that's a lot of stuff...good luck with that I can't believe the amount of stuff you guys have for this..I am trying my hardest to make it out. look for an email from me regarding some other stuff

Tim Kulinski said...

Yeah tell me about it John, its a ton of work waiting for me! Will look for the e-mail man.

Corvus said...

Looking forward to follow up the progress of this huge project. Good luck!

John Lambshead said...

Ye Gods!
I hope they gave you a bulk-buy discount,

Anonymous said...

Damn, so much stuff, good luck for your massive work! And let us see the progress. =)