Monday, September 14, 2009

FoW Italians

So, a few months ago I took delivery of my last trade for paint commissions from my buddy Mike. He had a 1500 point North Afrika German FoW army that he was looking at getting rid of. Well being the sucker I am I asked him what he wanted for it, he said if I painted his North Afrika Italians for him we could call it even. I needed a break from 40K, so I decided to bust out the Italians this weekend and get started painting on them.

So below are the test paints for the army, all the models were primed flat black, then on the vehicles I sponged on Green Orche 70914 from Vallejo Model Color line. I then followed up with a Drybrush of Americana Desert Sand. Once that was done I then dipped the models in Antique Walnut Satin from Minwax Polyshades line. Below are the first few pieces that I did, now I just need to know if Mike likes these.

These are the trucks for the 88cm Flack guns.

Here is a shot of an Italian tank (Sorry forgot the designation) without the dip, notice how much lighter the model is.

And here is another light tank that has been dipped and dull coated in Testors Dullcoate. This model was missing the barrel so I used a piece of brass wire as a stand in.

So there you go Mike, what do you think? (As well as the rest of the community) Also the vehicles look very gritty up close no thanks to my Macro setting on my camera.

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John Lambshead said...

Looks good,