Tuesday, September 08, 2009

=][=munda Test Games

So this past Sunday Rob came over for us to try out Necromunda again. It has been about 5+ years since we last played and with us wanting to do this =][=munda games, this would be a great way to warm back up to the rules.

Rob brought over all his card terrain and we assembled about 8 figures a side, below is what the board looked like.
Now Rob and I had built some cool Necromunda terrain for a local shop and we vowed that one day we would build ourselves another set. But we really never got around to it since Rob has so much of the card terrain. He had so much that he even gave me a set of it for myself, but it was packed away. Anyhow, the card terrain looks good once it's all on the table.

Well during our game I took a few action shots, but they all came out blurry and they were not worth for the web, but here is one shot of two of his gangers perched atop a tower.
The game was fun and I won due to the fact that Rob blew his bottle test and took off, I was down three gangers and was barely hanging on. It was a fun game and both Rob & I felt the urge to play more Necromunda, especially doing it for the =][=munda games.
Also Rob brought over his finished Tech Priest and it was amazing how similar Rob's paint style is too my own. Here is a shot of both priest side by side, Rob went with a more pale flesh color, but I think both guys look awesome!
Also here is a shot of my Sort of =][=munda group that I ran during our second game, I pulled a few figures from my Necromunda gangs as well as a few of my SOB & IG armies. It has that "adventuring group" sort of look to them. A nice hodge podge look that seems to fit with Inquisitor.
And here is a shot of the Adeptus group that Rob ran in our second game. And speaking of the game, Rob kicked the crap out of me with this little group! Who would have thought a bunch of half machines could be so tough!!!!
So after two games of Necromunda, Rob & I are excited about all the possibilities of using this for =][=munda and 40K Skirmish. By the way, we are using 1st edition Necromunda rules and using 2nd edition 40k rules for our games. We both have the 1st edition rules for Necro as well as the 2nd edition rules that we downloaded from GW, but the 1st edition still has Overwatch and Sustained Fire Dice as well as different sized templates. @nd edition 40K is very similar to Necromunda and has some cool things like Overwatch and arcs of fire.
When we do more games I will try to get better pictures...

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Elazar The Glorified said...

I still have fond memories of overwatch and hiding from 2nd ed 40k. Good to see people still enjoying the joy that is Necromunda! :D