Thursday, September 03, 2009

Are you Ready for Some Blood Bowl???

So after a long absence from the game table, I dug out Blood Bowl. I have been a fan of the game for a long time and when I was back in CA, we had a league of sorts with about 10 people in it. My good friend Jeff Ott and I ran the league and even held a few Draft Parties so people could try to draft Star Players, all the while watching real football on TV.

But once I moved to the valley of the sun, BB got shelved and put away. Every now and again I would pull it down and look through everything, but up it would go onto the shelf again. About 4 years ago my son took the game down and we played a few games, and I stripped one of my High Elf teams for him to re-paint (Into Denver Bronco colors!) But we never really got anywhere with it.

Now my friend Mike who is here in the valley with me also loves BB. We have played from time to time but with the release of the new PC Game it has come back on the radar. So I decided to finish up one of my teams that I got from a buddy back in CA, Skaven. So here below are the Reds my Skaven team. I started this repaint about a year ago and only got one thrower done, but decided to finish up the whole team. You will notice that these figures are all the old school style, which I love. The reason, well that's all that was out when we were playing in CA, go to show you how long ago that was!

Here is the team shot.

Here is a shot of the Mighty Lineman for the team!
Here are the Blitzers.

Two Throwers for the Team.
And here are the Fast & Furious Catchers for the team.

This guy stands in now as a lineman, but was an old school Kicker.

And you gotta have a Ref for the game!

I happen to have a few more teams now waiting in the wings, two High Elf Teams, one Dark Elf Team, Dwarfs and a Halfing team. I also saw this post on Warseer Forums and seeing this guys conversions has got me wanting to do a few of my own now...great another thing to keep me away from more pressing items! Oh well, you gotta love Football & Blood Bowl...



John said...

Wasn't my team a dwarf team? What the hell was the name of the Sega Genesis BB knockoff?

Tim Kulinski said...

Yeah you did have a Dwarf Team, in fact I will be re-painting it this week.

Can't remember the Sega game. Did you check out the New Blood Bowl game for the PC?