Sunday, July 26, 2009

Steel Legion update, plus some terrain!


I have completed half of the Steel Legion project for my buddy Lonnie, which consisted of all troops. Well Lonnie wanted to make his force mechanized and one of the models he got was this Valkyrie. So this is a shot of it after about 5 hours worth of work as well as the base color on it. I still have a few more hours of paint but it will be ready soon. One critique of the kit is the mounting for the bolters in the crew compartment. The design of how it is attached is not the best. Basically its a rod with a flat spot that you glue the arm to which has the bolter sitting on it. It broke many times during the construction and when I build my own I will leave them off with the side doors closed! Anyhow, here on the WIP pictures.

Since Lonnie is over seas and I did not know what load out he wanted under the wings, I decided to use rare earth magnets to mount them. So it can hold the missile pod or the stand alone missile, I will be doing this on mine as well. But care must be used in mounting the magnets on the payload bracket, as seen below.

So besides Lonnie's stuff, I have been in the mood to build some terrain, I have had the Cities of Death box set for a while, so last weekend I went over to Rob's and started this building. Not being satisfied with building something straight out of the box, I busted out a few Electrical box's and started going to town on them. The building is not done and there needs to be a bit more work done to it, but it is coming along nicely.

The parts are from the CoD terrain, PVC Plastic sheeting, a Necromunda Bulkhead and whatever else I have lying around from my bitz box.

Here is a figure for scale, so you can see this is a large building! By the way, the Imperial Pilot was painted by John over at Plastic Legions I acquired him in a trade about a month or so ago.

Something else Rob & I have been working on is this narrative 40K game. Well Rob & I are about to start an Inquisitor game in 28mm to go along with our narrative theme. So after talking to Rob on the phone, he told me he needed a few rooms for the game. So below is what you can do with Masonite and about three hours of sweating in the hot Arizona garage yesterday!
The first piece is a hallway that is about 18" long by 12" wide. It is made out of 1/4 inch Masonite and has two doors on either end. I used a couple of eagle buttress's from the CoD box and will continue to add more to it.

The second piece is about 18" by 18" and represents a warehouse of some sort. For the game we will add crates and barrels to give us some cover. I once again added bitz from my box as well as random sections of plastic sheeting on the floor, just to break it up. This piece also has doors on either end.

Here are the two sections sitting together, you can see by the figure just how big these are. The inspiration came from this website Parasitic Studios following his Sin of Alacrity he did. This guy does some awesome work, but has not update his site in a long time, but still good stuff! Also the inspiration for this comes from Space Hulk & Warhammer Quest. Both of those use a tile system that had connectors, but I wanted something more. So I guess I finally got of my butt and started this.

So there you have it, I will be posting up some pictures as this gets painted as well as build a few more rooms.


Mongo_of_Death said...

Very nice terrain you have here. Me and my buddies are also thinking about building terrain like this. 3D space hulk style you could say. keep up the work i'll follow this with interest.

Tim Kulinski said...

Thanks Mongo, I plan on building a few more so there will be a few more updates on this. Also if the rumors are true about Space Hulk being re-released, I will try to incorporate them into these!

Stay tuned...

Tom O said...

Well done Tim!

Jerry said...

Great job, Tim! Very creative. I can't wait to see the finished work.

Col. Corbane said...

Excellent bits of terrain. I really like the look of the 3D stuff, how much more are you planning to build?