Monday, July 13, 2009

Steel Legion Done...well almost!

Well this weekend I finished up half the the Steel Legion commission that I am working on for a friend. I delivered these to Lonnie on Saturday night and he was very happy with the troops. In my rush to finish these, I did two stupid things, first one was that I forgot to take photos of the figures once completed! That isn't as bad at what I did on Friday night for stupid mistake number two. Let me explain,

So Friday night all I had left to do was Dull Coate 20 Stormtroopers that had been dipped on Thursday. I got a call from my buddy Rob and he was headed over to Lonnie's place for a game, so I told him I would swing by as soon as I was done shopping with the wife. So I went over to Lonnie's around 8:00pm and hung out & watched Lonnie & Rob throw down on some 40k (Tau vs marines). So I left Lonnie's place around 11:30pm and headed home. As I got into the garage I thought "Hey Dullcoate the Stormtroopers before going to bed and they will be ready for basing in the morning." So I grabbed the can of Dullcoate, shook it up and then arranged the models on my spray board. I thin grabbed the can of Dullcoate, popped the top and sprayed away.

But as I sprayed the models I noticed that the Dullcoate was coming out a greenish brown color and as I looked again at the models, I noticed that the models were changing colors from there Blue/Black color scheme to a greenish brown color! I then realized that I had not grabbed the Dullcoate, but instead grabbed the can of Testors SAC Brown!!!!

Now living in Phoenix in the summer it was still about 90 degrees at 11:45pm and was a tad hotter in the garage, so that means that things sprayed out of a can dry almost instantly, see where this is going??

So there was nothing I could do to save the models since the paint had dried pretty quickly to the 99% done models. So after a lot of swearing and throwing the SAC can across the garage, I realized that the only way to save the paint was to strip them down & start from the beginning again. So at 11:48pm, the 20 almost 99% done stormtroopers went into a bucket of Simple Green to be stripped to start over. So an hour later I was re-priming the said models black (after checking that I had grabbed the Flat Black spray!) and by 1:00am I headed to bed!

So the moral of the story is to always, always always test fire a can on a piece of wood or something before you shoot your models! The funny thing is that I have read about people doing this on other blogs & forums but always laughed at these people for doing this, thinking how stupid are you for not knowing what color you have. Well I now can not laugh, because I have egg on my face (which is strangely SAC Brown)!

Now I can move onto the second part of the commission which is to assemble all those Chimeras and paint up all the tanks. Lonnie should be back either in December or January of 2010, so I can take some time building & painting these. Also been working on converting a Steel Legion Command squad. My buddy Rob pointed me to a nice thread on the DakkaDakka forum This guy is amazing and after reading some of his threads, I got inspired to do the Steel Legion command squad. Will post up a few pictures of these in a few days.

Also got in some Combat Patrol games of 40K this Sunday with Rob & Jerry, took a bunch of pictures and will post them tonight, so stay tuned...



John@Plastic Legions said...

Holy @#$% Tim..I would have lost my mind if did that...sorry to see that happen- glad to see you've bounced back.

Tim Kulinski said...

Thanks John, I was a bit Red after it happened, and my buddy understood. It sucks that I have to repaint them, but they should go fater now that I know the color scheme!