Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ideas, Ideas & more Ideas!


A while ago my buddy Rob ( had a blog entry on "How do you Play 40K? ( Well I have been thinking about this since this past weekend.

As some of you know from my previous post, I played three games of 40K this weekend at the 400 point level. The games were a blast to play and we had a loose storyline develop over the three games. Now as some may have noticed, with the 5th edition of 40K, GW seems to be pushing the cinematic aspects of the game. Direct Line of Sight is in there and many articles that I have seen written by GW folk, seem to empathize playing 40K in more as a story rather than as a tournament game. Reason I bring this up is I am wondering if anyone else is picking up on this move towards more story driven games over one off games?

This move, for me at least, has gotten me back into 40K. It is almost like have a small taste of something that you have to have! My 40k appetite has been wetted and I find that I am craving anything 40k related. This morning while eating my breakfast, I was reading the Imperial Guards Uplifting Primer. I brought to work a GW Novel Called Necropolis, stories about Necromunda & I am lurking on a few well know 40K forums and boards!

You see I have not been this excited about 40K in a long time, at least not for two versions. As Rob would tell you, I play 40K, but it's not a game I like to play. I originally picked up the 2nd Edition way back when, right before 3rd Edition came out. I loved what was in the 2nd Edition box set, I loved the story lines & background fluff, but I had no one to play against.
So when 3rd edition came out, I jumped on the game and bought the new edition only to find out they had made some major changes to the game. That's were my dislike started and it continued on with 4th edition. To me they seemed to have lost that storyline driven sort of games and the game was geared towards tournaments.

Now with 5th edition it seems to be geared towards storyline games. Now there is nothing on the rules that really changed from 4th edition, it just seems that GW has made some sort of shift in their thinking. Look at the new Planet strike book, it has you playing 40K in a different way. Cities of Death is another good example of this, playing 40K in a different way instead of the tournament style game with the same old scenarios. This for me has been a breath of fresh air for 40K and that makes me want to play again.

This leads me back to my title, Ideas. Last night while talking to Rob, I started thinking about what else we could use for our linked games. I have Space Hulk (original version), Battle Fleet Gothic (with two fully painted fleets) and Necromunda (original version). All of these games can be used for 40K and the storyline games that our group is interested in playing.

Take for example the game 2 last Sunday where Rob used his Inquisitorial troops took over possession of a container with some sort of mysterious item inside. This could be a data slate, Bio matter or whatever, in fact Rob & I have not yet decided what it has. All we know is that it gives us a reason to have another story arc to follow.

The game with Jerry is already starting to shape up as a Kill team of Xenos Hunters against a lone Genestealer. I busted out Space Hulk and grabbed the old Blip counters from it. I also assembled and will paint up the 8 Tyranid Spore mines from the last 4th edition box set. I envision me running some sort of team going against Jerry and a whole mess of Blip counters. One counter will be the Genestealer the rest will be the Spore Mines and the team will have to track down the Genestealer.

Also Rob & I are talking about doing a BFG game where the Imperial Fleet needs to stop and incoming Invasion fleet of Orks, so there is another story arc out of the three games from last weekend. The possibilities are endless and this is what has me excited about playing 40K again!


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