Monday, August 03, 2009

New Chapter

Just a quick post, today was the first day of not having a job, have to say was a little weird! Spent the day hanging out with my son, got to play a few games of LotR with him. Will be doing some play testing on some of the GitD 2010 scenarios, so far my son has given me some valuable insights & suggestions for a few scenarios.

Will be working on the 40k/Inquisitor rooms this week, I plan on getting some paint on them and will get a few pictures up this week. Also work continues on my Inquisitor band and I have also been and will get a few pictures up as well.

Also this coming weekend will be heading out on a road trip to take my son back to Kansas, it will be a father and son trip so will be now updates next week.

Anyhow, more updates in a few days...


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