Wednesday, July 22, 2009

How much for that?????


A small rant today, so hang in there! Today a good friend sent me a message about a local guy trying to unload some bits as well as some unpainted models. So my buddy sends the guy a private message since he has a huge lot of stuff for the army my buddy is working on. He gets a response back with this guy wanting something like $2.00 for each bit and $4.00 dollars for the completed models. Now none of the stuff was new, it was all half ass painted or primed and most of it looked pretty beat up.

So here is the rant part, why do some people think they can charge more money than GW for primed or unbuilt models? I can see asking more money for fully painted models, but most guys are trying to get ride of their crap models and bits! Don't these guys know that this stuff is not collectible and doesn't go up in price?? And why in earth would you charge more than what it cost to get new?? This bugs the crap out of me!

It's the same thing for "painted armies" that are painted to a sub standard paint job! I see people trying to sell off stuff that looks like crap for prices that are more than regular retail or for the price of Golden Daemon quality. Don't these guys get it? hell why would I buy your crappy looking army for more than what it costs for me to paint it myself? I just do not understand it at all!

Now I have painted a few figures & armies in my years, and while I am not a Golden Daemon painter, I still think I do a good job. I usually charge people about $3.00 to paint a clean un painted figure. If I have to strip or build the model than the price goes up. My quality is right for the price. I have sold some of my armies in the past and barely got the full retail, and these were fully painted! Heck I have even given away units or figures for free if I have duplicates or if I know someone, but I never try to gouge someone on my leftovers! I just don't get it, you want how much???

Anyhow, rant over, I will climb down off my soap box for now, but God people, wake up and look at your stuff and ask your self this, Would I buy this for more than retail???



a said...

I agree with you on this point. Keep up the good work.


Shelexie said...

I appreciate your rant. I have seen the boards and ebay where people are trying this. I think it means they are proud of their work, even if we aren't. Thankfully, I had a different experience. When I was looking at getting into Warmachine, there was a guy looking to get out. I got about 100 figs and close to 30 warmachines for $50. Most were a good table top quality too. It probably doesn't hurt being a girl too. =)

Tim Kulinski said...


Thats a good deal, 130 figures for $50.00. I have done this sort of thing with armies before in fact thats pretty much how I sold off all my WHFB armies.

I had about 4000 points of Empire (well over 400 figures) for only $200.00 bucks! Half of that army was painted, the other half unpainted, but I did not want the army anymore.

The diffrence was that I was not trying to get top dollar for the stuff. If it's going to a person that is going to use it, then I will give them a deal.

Thanks for allowing me my little rant! I will return with normal projects this weekend...

Tom O said...

Tim, Having bought and sold a ton of stuff over the years I've been hit by both sides of this. I've had people try to price gauge me for unpainted or poorly painted odds and ends, but I've also had people completely low ball me for nicely painted armies saying they'd have to strip it all and repaint it to match their stuff...if that's the case for them, they shouldn't be bidding or trying to buy an army at less than half of retail that's fully painted and based to a very good standard. Now, that said, I've also practically given stuff away just to be rid of it and get it in the hands of someone who wants it and will use it. All I can say is be up front with people about your expectations and be ready to have to deal with people that offer you $1 when you say "willing to negotiate" on something you clearly state you want "around $250 for". OK, I'm done now :-)

Jerry said...

Greed... What else could it be, unless the person has no idea of what he's got.