Monday, March 23, 2009

Adepticon Info

Thought I would pass this info along for those of you planning on going to Adepticon 2009.

With only two weeks left until AdeptiCon 2009, hobbyists across the country and the world are furiously painting to finish up their armies for the “Can’t Miss” event of the year in the Games Workshop miniature wargaming hobby. April 3rd-5th, 2009 will bring hundreds of gamers and hobbyists from across the world to Chicago for a weekend of fun and excitement.

AdeptiCon 2009 Online Registration Closes on March 27th, 2009, at 1700 (5:00 PM) CSTIf you haven’t registered yet for AdeptiCon 2009, what are you waiting for? Online registration will close at five PM on Friday, March 27th. After that, you will be able to register onsite at AdeptiCon beginning Friday, April 3rd…but who want’s to risk not participating in your events of choice? Register online today at to make sure that your weekend is packed full of miniature wargaming goodness.

New AdeptiCon 2009 Guest of Honor: Gav ThorpeDue to circumstances outside of our control, Alessio Cavatore will be unable to attend AdeptiCon 2009. Never fear – because Gav Thorpe has just confirmed that he will be in attendance. Prior to becoming a freelance writer, Gav Thorpe worked for Games Workshop as lead background designer, overseeing and contributing to the Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 worlds. He has written numerous novels and short stories set in the fictional worlds of Games Workshop, including the Time of Legends 'The Sundering' series, the seminal Dark Angels novel Angels of Darkness, and the Last Chancers omnibus. He lives in Nottingham, UK, with his mechanical hamster, Dennis. Find out more about Gav at his blog: Mechanical Hamster

I Spy With My Little Eye, Something That Begins with an F…Free Swag! The first 800 AdeptiCon attendees will receive an Chaos Dwarf Lord from Avatars of War

I Spy With My Little Eye, Something That Begins with an M…More Free Swag! The first 750 AdeptiCon attendees will also receive a set of special AdeptiCon deployment zone markers, courtesy of AdeptiCon sponsor Gale Force

I Spy With My Little Eye, Something That Begins with an E…Even More Free Swag! Additionally, players in many of our tournaments will receive objective markers and/or tokens that will be used during the event, and taken home afterwards! Check out some of our tournament marker/tokens below, created by Flying Tricycle (

Lord of the Ring Tokens (Shot of both/Skull side

40K Team Tournament Tokens (all four head on)

From the High Seas, to Middle Earth, to the Red Orktober Due to the popularity of our non-competitive open gaming and demo events, we’ve worked to add more such events to our roster. We’re adding demos of Warhammer Historical: Trafalgar, War of the Rings, and the Sabol Designs-sponsored “Hunt Within Red Orktober!”

Trafalgar – Age of Sail Naval Combat – Times TBD – Sign up onsite! Sponsored by the Last Square, Warhammer Historical and Lithko Aerosystems.

War of the Rings Demos – Times TBD – Sign up onsite! Sponsored by the Games Workshop Chicago Battle Bunker.

Sunday 10:30 AM – 3:00 PM – The Hunt Within Red Orktober - Sponsored by Sabol Designs. For more information download the PDF below:

Sponsor Spotlights: Sabol Designs & Armorcast We’ve created two more Sponsor Spotlights, highlighting longtime AdeptiCon Sponsors Armorcast and Sabol Designs. Find out more about these two companies by clicking on the links below.

40K Tournament Rules Update With the recent release of new FAQs and datasheets by Games Workshop, we’ve updated the INAT FAQ and our allowed armies/units lists to reflect these changes. We’ve also added some new questions to the INAT FAQ that have been asked by attendees.

We’ve taken a conscious effort to not reverse previous rulings or listings, but if you’re playing in a 40K Tournament and want to make sure your army list is legal, or how the judges will rule on contentious issues, check out the documents below:

INAT v2.2

Allowed 40K Army Lists:

Allowed Forgeworld/Apocalypse Units (only applies to the 40K Gladiator):

Sponsor Highlight: In need of a commission painter? Well then your search might be over! For your next painting project consider Professional, quality service is their standby. With a list of services from army, to character painting and gift certificates there's something for everyone. your home for high end artistry, without the high end price!

I will be doing another post tonight on my status on my Adepticon adventure...


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