Monday, March 16, 2009


Well, the wife & I made it too Colorado on Saturday, took us 13.5 hours to get here, but we were in no rush. Funny thing happened outside of Flagstaff on the way out, we got pulled over by DPS on the I40. You see we rented a car for the road trip and we are cruising around in a 2009 Dodge Magnum. Nice car! Well anyway, the Magnum has tinted factory windows and seeing how this is so new we have no plates, but a temporary registration in the window.

Well we are cruising at 75mph and a DPS officer comes up behind us, he noticed that we did not have plates and decided to pull us over. So my wife (who was driving) pulls over and the officer comes up to the passenger window and asks us for her license & registration, so we give him the license and the rental agreement (which is the registration). So he ask my wife where we are headed and does his usual routine. Well do to the factory tinted window, he could not see the temp registration in the window. So he gives us a fix it warning to give to Enterprise Rental since the vehicle is not ours. So after 20 minutes we get going again and had a great laugh! But we realized that we needed to be careful so as not to get pulled over again.

Anyway, yesterday we took a trip to Winter Park CO to go tubing with our friends. I have to tell you, the Rockies are awesome! It is so gorgeous up here in the mountains. Today we are off to do more sight seeing. Thursday I will be meeting a few friends at a local shop to play some LotR. I need to get some practice with the Uruk-hai I am taking to Adepticon.

Anyway time to go, see you later...


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