Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Adepticon, T-Minus 2 days and counting...

Well Adepticon starts for me in little less than 2 days. Thursday morning I board a plane at butt crack early time and fly to Chicago for one of, if not the largest in the USA game event run by players!
As some folks know, I will be rather busy while I am there and I thought I would list what I will be doing this coming weekend.
Thursday April 2nd
Flight leaves at 7:30am, but will be at the airport by 5:30am, so that means leaving my house by 4:30am, which also means getting up at 4:00am! On the way I will be picking up my buddy John ( ) and traveling with me on the leg out.
We arrive in Chicago around 1:00pm and our good friend Dean will be picking us up at O'Hare airport and taking us to the Westin. Dean then has to turn around and he has to pick up another friend Sean from Midway airport.
During the day we will meet up with the Adepticon crew & help set up this little thing called Adepticon! Sometime after Sean arrives the Phoenix gang (John, Sean Dean & I) are going out to catch dinner. Dean said there is a great place for some Italian beef sandwiches that I more than ready for. Will then head back to help set up and hang out.
Friday, April 3rd
John, Sean & I are all playing in the Lord of the Rings Singles Championship tourney which starts at 10:00am and goes until 6:30pm. I will be taking my Uruk-hai scouts and I think I have a pretty good feeling about them. I have gotten in about a dozen practice games now & feel pretty good about the list. So we shall see how well I do, I hope to make Arizona proud!
Right after the LotR event, I have to get everything set up for the 10 player Legends of the High Seas game that I am running. Each player will control 8 Pirates, Privateers or Royal Navy Crews with unique stats. The objective is to find the Cursed treasure that will be on the island, and to get it back to there starting point. So I had all these ideas of doing Undead pirates, crazy creatures and other cool things, but I ran out of time. Also I struggled with adding these Fantasy elements to the game. So I came up with a unique and real myth of what would cause an island to be "cursed". So if you want to know you will need to either watch the game or wait until I get back on Monday with full coverage!
Any how, this game will last until about 10:00pm but could go longer. Then off to bed to get ready for the next day.
Saturday April 4
Well I am up early again to get the Warhammer Ancients Battle Singles event going by 8:00am. It looks like we will have about 12+ players and this will last until 5:00pm, and we are also playing only three rounds similar to what I did last year. While I am busy doing this all day, John gets to run a few Legends of the High Seas & Old West Demos throughout the day. Then come 6:30 again I have the second game of LotHS group game until 10:00pm or so.
Sunday April 5
Up again early although the WAB Doubles event starts at 7:00am! Three rounds with about 6 teams right now. This ends at 4:00pm and then Adepticon starts winding down & tearing down after 5:00pm I think. Sunday night the Adepticon Crew usually goes out to dinner to unwind, and this year my good buddy Hank Eddley will be covering my dinner! He was going to last year but forgot, so we will see this year.
Monday April 6
Get to the airport early again & fly back home, I think I leave around 7:30am and get to Phoenix around 9:30am. John though has to catch a later flight around 2:00pm, so depending on if I am awake I may go pick him up from the airport, but we will see.
So there you have it, a busy weekend ahead, and after last weeks news, I will need this weekend. Once again I will have coverage from the event here in the coming weeks, so stay tuned...


ZeroTwentythree said...

I'm looking forward to your coverage of the event.

I'm not certain if my friends and I will be going to Historicon now that it's moved. If so, I will probably look into going to Adepticon instead. So I'm curious to see more about it, especially the WAB games.

Good luck.

Tim Kulinski said...

The WAB games are run the same way that Don & Vince run the games @ Historicon, I stole Dons ideas (with his permission!).

Next year I would like to do a themed WAB Campaign much like Don & Vince do as well. I have seen some of the armies that are comming and they look awsome!

And I can attest that the head of Adepticon (Hank Eddley) loves WAB and it will be around Adepticon for many years to come.