Thursday, March 12, 2009

Closer to Adepticon

Well, with the GitD behind me, I have to now get ready like so many other people for Adepticon. Once again I will be running the Warhammer Ancient Battles tournaments as well as running a large 10 player game of Legends of the High Seas.

So I thought I would take stock of what I need to bring as well as what is left to do before getting on the plane for Chicago. So here are my "What needs to go" & "What needs to be Done" lists.

What Needs To Go:
Both of my 2000 Point WAB Armies which is a Orkney Viking List with about 168 figures & my Norman Army which has only 88 figures but its mostly cavalry models.

80 Pirates + 30 Island Natives for the Legends of the High Seas game on Friday & Saturday night.

33 Uruk-hai Scouts as well as a Display board for the Lord of the Rings Singles Championship game on Friday.

Prize Support for the WAB Events which includes some of the New Viking Hero's, a 12 man Unit of Teutonic Knights on foot, 18 Pict Nobles, 10 13th Century Russian Cav models and about a dozen Black Scorpion Pirate Figures.

All the paper work for the WAB Events like scoring sheets and reference sheets. I also need to bring the Crew sheets for the LotHS games as well as the Reference sheets for that.

All the rule books for LotHS & WAB.

Now here is the list for :What Needs to Be Done" List:

Finish painting 30 Island Natives

Build a display board for LotR

Create all the Crew Sheets for the LotHS game (Which means taking pictures of each figure & placing it on the sheet).

Pack all the stuff up!

So not too much to do, but just to add a slight twist to things, this Saturday (3/13) the wife & I are going to Colorado for Spring Break. We have friends in Parker Colorado that we will be staying with & Our son & his girlfriend are driving in from Kansas to meet us. So I will be getting nothing done while I am gone for a whole week. About the only things that i will be able to do is play a few games in Colorado, you see there are a few folks up in Parker that just happen to play LotR, so I will be taking my Uruk-hai Scouts up north to get in a few practice games for Adepticon. And whats funny about this is when I told my wife about it, she rolled her eyes and was about to say something when I mentioned that "Playing games is free Dear, & I will not have to spend money on this!" She could not argue and the Uruks are in for a road trip!

So this also means that I will not be updating the Blog unless I can get on someones computer while I am gone. So see you in a week unless I find a computer...


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