Friday, March 27, 2009

A Sign of the Times


No hobby update today, just some depressing news in a way. Yesterday my office was told we are closing down on July 31, 2009 & everyone, I mean everyone is being let go. Now I work for Semperian which was formerly GMAC Auto Finance. It seems that this economy is taking a toll on the auto industry (well duh!) and Semperian has decided to shut our office down because of it. Not only is our office closing but so is our High Risk collection center here in Phoenix as well as our Hartford Connecticut office.

Now I have been through this before about 3 years ago and surprising I don't feel that bad. In fact I have been being more disgruntled at how the company has been doing things of late. So this closing is actually looking like a good thing. It looks like I will be getting about a 4 month severance package which is better than nothing. Its just sad that there will be a lot of folks loosing out more than me. I have a friend that just needed to make it to the end of the year in order to be able to retire with age & years of service and she will not get anything!

So while it may look like a terrible thing me loosing my job, I have complete trust that God will provide, he has to this point why would he not for the rest? So we shall see what happens, I will continue to work on my Hobby, in fact I may go into the Army painting business, heck I only charge my friends $3.00 per figure, but we will see.

Oh and I am still going to Adepticon, that has already been budgeted and paid for, so I will be looking forward to next weekends gaming extravaganza!



Chicago Terrain Factory said...

That's pretty rough. Hope you can work thru it ok.

The company I work for has a Phoenix office & they have a few job postings (software support). Let me know if you want the details.

davetaylor said...

Sorry to hear that Tim, glad you're getting a good severance and have a positive outlook, two very important things IMHO.

We'll chat next week re: Adepticon!

Anonymous said...

Again, sorry to hear the news my friend. However, I'm sure you'll land on your feet. Opening an army painting shop sounds like a fun way to pass some time, or more likely a perfect way to pass your severence time, assuming you find another job soon.

ZeroTwentythree said...

I hope everything works out for you -- and your hobby. ;)

Mike G. said...

Sorry to hear about the news. I am sure you can find some cutomers :)

Tom O said...

Sorry to hear that Tim...keep your positive helped me when I was in the same position a couple of times. The severance is good. And painting will help pay the helped me when I was laid off after 9/11.

ChrisLS said...

I'm glad to hear that you're taking this blow with faith and confidence. I think it's a lot tougher for those who don't have faith - the fear and lack of confidence can easily translate into inaction and timidity.

Keep us posted, and I know you'll land on your feet whatever may pass.

Jerry said...

This is terrible news, Tim. I hope things will get better soon. But you have a good outlook on things and that's half the battle right there.

Hank Edley said...


You need anything let me know. I will keep my eyes and ears open . and I am sure we will have some time to chat over meal at Adepticon.

Hmm .. 3 dollars a figure .. @200 new polemarch Successors... *grin*

I trust things will work out .. and in a few months time we both can look back that this was a positive move.

See you in a few days .. if I wasn't buying before .. I sure am now.


Henry said...

Tim, you have the right attitude. 18 months ago I lost my job and was unemployed for 9 months. God took care of us during that time, and I finally landed a very good job. Just last weekend we finally sold our home in MD and I was able to move my family to GA so we can be together again. It was a long, stressful time, but God's timing is perfect. Have faith, brother!You are in my prayers.