Sunday, January 01, 2017

Time to Look back at 2016


It is that time of year again were most bloggers take a look back and see what we did throughout the year. I have been doing this for some time on Cursed Treasures and its always eye opening for me to see what I did or did not do, so lets see what were my goal.

Saga, I have two armies on deck for painting and Mike and I will be running Ragnarok again. Also my local store would like Mike and I to run some regular demos for the game. Our goal is to get some traction under the game and see if we can build a bigger community for the game. 
So, I got in about a dozen or so games of Saga this year, ran a few demos at our local shop and got at least one person (Jeff) interested in the game. Robert and I also played through the Age of the Wolf scenarios this year to try them out. I started a new Viking army, but sadly no paint on them yet. Did I grow the community with Mike, well one person got into it, so I will say Saga did rather well for me, so its a solid win there. 

Beyond the Gates of Antares, picked up this game late in 2015 and I am committed to building a Concord army. Once again the local store would like me and Mike to run some demos for this, we already have painted up the demo set and in the next few weeks we will start with demos.
 Well for Gates, I did get two demo armies painted up for Imperial Outpost, and helped run a few demos, although Mike really did most of the work. As for the game, I lost interest in it pretty quickly. The game was toted as being in the Bolt Action rules, but for other than the order dice and the way you pull dice, that was about it. The game just dos not spark any sort of feeling for me. Maybe its the background, maybe the rules, I don't know, but I lost interest and don't feel like I will ever get it back on the table. So sadly this is a bust for me.

Batman the Miniature game, this is something I have been eyeing for some time. A mutual author helped with the edits for the second edition. The Models are cool and the game is a skirmish game. Also there is a Marvel game in the works. So we will see what happens.

Well, I did not get into Batman, did take a look at the Marvel game, but once again, I did not like the rules for the Marvel game. Also Knight models are a pain to assemble and to paint, so after taking way too long to paint up the Xmen box set for Mike, I said I was done, which is really too bad because I really wanted to like this game. So another bust for me.

Black Powder, well I hope to get more of my ACW done this year as well as get my 15mm AWI painted and hopefully onto the table. I am also interested in possibly doing some ECW in 28mm, but we will see.

Well, no games were played at all, but I did make great progress in getting four more units of Confederates done. Also in February of 2017 we will be doing a large game and I have been working towards getting terrain and models ready for this, so this was a victory for me this year even though no games were played.
Infinity, I picked this game up in 2015, but only got as far as assembling half the models. I would like to get the starter set all assembled and painted and get this to the table. Recently Rob has expressed interest and I know Mike is also interested. In fact Infinity has a very good following here in Phoenix. 

Well, first off, I got all the models in the starter set assembled, which was the Pan O models and Nomads. I decided that I wanted to try out the Nomads and ended up picking up a bunch more models for the Nomads. I also decided that I needed to start painting on the models and I am happy to report that I have two completed Nomad models, with a third almost done. Rob got one game in, a very simple game just to get the mechanics down. So all in all I did a lot for Infinity, so this was a minor victory.

Bolt Action, in just over a month, Gathering in the Desert will take place so Bolt Action will be back on the table. I did get my Perry DAK painted up for the event as well as terrain. So this will be a success for sure. After the event we will see how Bolt goes after the event.

Bolt Action and Gathering in the Desert was a huge win this year, tons of games were played (well test games for GitD) and the event ran rather well. Rob, Tom and I embarked on a Tank War project (Point 213 game) and I have assembled a few more tanks as well as finished up various small projects for GitD that were related to Bolt Action. So once again, Bolt was a huge victory!

Flames of War, in just a few weeks I will be playing in Shifting Sands 2016 which is a early war event. I only had to paint up a few infantry stands and I am ready to go. As for what lays ahead, we will see in 2016 where FoW

Well I played in Shifting Sands and had a good time, cant remember were I placed, but had a good time. I also purchased and painted a Great War British army in 2016 and got in a game or two of Great War. I played a few games of Flames, but nothing like I did years ago. So i would say it was a minor victory for flames.

Pulp Alley, so I fore see Pulp Alley being back this year. In fact in 2015 I got the Tales of the Golden Monkey on DVD and there are a ton of ideas for games in that show. So Pulp Alley will be back on the table in 2016.

I love Pulp Alley and the Pulp setting, unfortunately I got no games of Pulp[ Alley in at all. I did start working with the author of the game about a supplement, which I am still working on. About the only thing I did that was Pulp, was built and painted two Red Skull models, one for Pulp Alley and another for Konflikt '47. So unfortunately this was a major loss for me.

Conventions, so for many years I have traveled to Chicago for Adepticon. It is starting to get rather expensive to travel and it's not getting easier to travel now a days. Last year Mike and I attended Rincon down in Tucson. It was a great little convention and we will be going back down in 2016. The reality is I would rather support events here in AZ rather then traveling to other places to play games.

Well, sadly I attended no game conventions in 2016, Rincon came and went and there was no other cons related to gaming. Now I did attend Phoenix Comicon and Mike ran a few games of Thunder Alley, but all I did was wander around and take in the con. So this was a bust for me in 2016.
Model Railroading, well I ordered the last bit of track right before the end of the year, so my layout will be getting track all laid this year. I have been working on the rolling stock and generally getting ready to lay track. This is a long term project so as long as I get track laid it will be a success.

 Well, I did not get any track laid in 2016, I have it all but just had not gotten around to laying track. Part of the issue was the fact that I have been helping a friend work on his layout as well as operate on it. I also joined a modular group out here and will be building a few modules for said club. So because of this, my layout has not moved along very much. I did get a NCE DCC system as well as a few new cars and a couple of new locomotives. So not a total bust, but nothing significant on the home layout.

So, what else did I do in 2016? Well I was part of a local group of painters that all built new Konfikt'47 armies. I built a German army for the game and got in a few games, but K47 is basically Bolt Action version 1 rules. Warlord also released Bolt Action 2 and there are enough changes that I may not play more K47, but the models will be used for Pulp Alley. Speaking of Bolt Action, I picked up an Imperial Japanese Army and along with Rob, will be building a new army in 2017. I also picked up the new edition of the rules, but still have not played or read them.

So there you go, 2016 is in the books, now onto 2017.



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