Thursday, January 05, 2017

Point 213 Progress - British Complete


On New Years day I completed painting on my British Troop for the Point 213 game in March or April of this year. These are all Warlord models and were pretty easy to assemble, I found that I enjoyed putting these together as compared to building Tamyia 1/48th scale models.

Painting for these was also pretty quick as well. In fact I used the same Testors dark green paint can that I used on my Tamyia models ten years ago, no issues. Then I did a Army Painter Strong Tone wash on the whole model followed by a Americana Honey Brown wash. Decals were from Warlord and went on after the Strong Tone wash and before the Honey Brown wash.

First up, the Firefly:

Warlord Firefly
Next is the Cromwell Command tank:

Warlord Cromwell

Here are all the Cromwell's together:

Warlord Cromwell's
Followed by a group shot of the entire British Troop:

All Warlord Kits
Also on New Years Eve, during the day, DrunkenSamurai and I got in another test game of the Point 213 game. This time I would play the British while he took command of the Germans.

Point 213 Battle test game two.
As you can see from the above picture, the British will be deployed along the road with a random number of pinned down markers. This is to represent the British stopping on the hill to have a conference to find out where are these Germans they have been looking for. This test game went very differently then the last one, mostly due to the fact that I knew what I had to do as the British player and the fact that most of the tanks only had one or two pin markers on them. Needless to say, I will not say what I did to win as the players will need to figure this out for themselves.

Next up will be two of the Tigers I am painting for this game, DrunkenSamurai has the other two. Also we need to get started on the Bocage for the game, since the table will need lots of it, at least 48 linear feet of it to be exact. Here are all the bases that we will be using.

Bocage bases

And hopefully this is what they will look like:

Mikes Bocage sections
These were done by my friend Mike over at Da Greenskins Blog, he built these for our local shop. I may be working on these this weekend, we shall see. So lots going on here so stay tuned.



Dean Vuckovich said...

Since it looks like you'll be running Tigers.... are you guys using the new 'Tiger Fear' rule?

Tim Kulinski said...


Right now, the Tank Wars supplement is not compatible with Second Edition. So we are using the Original version for this game. So no, we will not be using the Tiger Fear rule, but we will be giving the Tigers Skills like Lucky Shot out of the Tank War supplement.

Dean Vuckovich said...

Thanks for thew update, I did not know Tank Wars was not compatible with V2. When I heard 'army books' are compatible, I assumed Tank Wars also.

Robert Brightwell said...

Nice work! You are kind of putting me on the spot now!

Tim Kulinski said...

Well get on it old man! My Tigers are on the paint bench now, once those are done I will have everything painted for the game!

A J said...

Nicely done!

phann son said...

Thank you

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