Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Plans for 2017!


Time for the obligatory "Plans" for 2017 post. Which is actually good for me because I can keep some sort of record of what I want to do. So lets jump straight into it shall we?

Play More Games - This may seem like a no brainer but this past year saw a decline in gaming for me. Several factors were the cause, most being personal. So I would like to play more games and enjoy my gaming again. I want to expand my board gaming and games this year since these are always a great way to game with other folks rather than the miniature guys.

Saga - Well, I would like to run a Age of the Wolf campaign this year and I would like to start this towards the end of this month. I would also like to get my Moors started for Crescent & the Cross. I just need a few more things and I will be ready to go on that project.

Bolt Action 2 - Well sometime around March or beginning of April, we will be doing the Point 213 battle using the Bolt Action Tank Wars supplement. I also have purchased a new army for Bolt Action, Imperial Japanese Army, this is going to be the first full fledged Bolt Action army for me. All my other armies were for other game systems, which were easily converted over to Bolt. So I am pretty excited about this and look forward to this project.

HEROIC - Well I just got word that my new ruleset is at the printer now, so within the next few weeks I should be getting my copies of the book. So with that, I will be doing demos of the game and working on supplements for it.

Blood Bowl - Well with GW rereleasing one of my favorite game, I had to pick it up and I am currently painting up the new Orc team and plan to participate in a store league. If it goes well, I may try to organize a league for a few friends. Thanks GW for sucking back in!

Infinity - Well I have been slowly working on my Nomad army and would like to get it done soon so I can start playing. Rob finally picked up the rules, so maybe we can get more than one game on the table this year. I would also like to pick up some terrain for the game and have my eye on Plasticraft games terrain.

Black Powder - Well in February I will be hosting a big Black Powder ACW game with a few friends. Now that I have enough stuff for one side, Rob and I want to do a few smaller games to see how it plays.

Flames of War - Well in years past I have played a lot of Flames, but in the last two years it really fell off for me. Mostly due to my attitude towards the game and I was not having fun anymore. This past year, Rob and I got in a couple of games and I really do miss the look of the game and playing it. I would like to finally get my British 8th army on the table for North Africa, so that will be a goal for me this year.

Pulp Alley - I need to get this game back into rotation, I really do love this game. With me building a Japanese army for Bolt, I can start doing some South Pacific Pulp games now. I am also working with the author of Pulp Alley to write a supplement for him. Plus I still have a ton of Pulp Figures that need paint.

Model Railroading - Well I will continue to work on my layout and everything that goes with it, I would like to get all the electrical done by mid year. I also want to build a few modules for a local group of guys I joined up with. And as always I will continue to operate on my friends layouts as well as help out with terrain for these layouts.

So there you go, my plans for 2017, we will see how this goes and see if I can accomplish more than a few of the goals this year.



Tom O said...

A good "to do" list. I'm looking forward to some of the items on your list as well!

harada57 said...
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