Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Blood Bowl Back in the House!


A few weeks ago now, I succumbed to pressure and purchased a GW product. You see, for the past few years I have pretty much given up on GW games as most of my favorites went away. I sold off most armies or collections I had. But as the world now knows, GW updated and brought back a classic game that I always loved, Blood Bowl!

a moment of weakness overtook me!

I knew it was coming out and I had mixed feelings about it, as well as having kept two versions safely in the closet (and from the great GW purge) I told myself I did not really need the same game I already had. I also kept telling myself that I would not have anyone to play against, because the two versions I had (and many teams by the way) went in-played for years, so why should I buy this yet again?

Well before I knew what I was doing, I was walking out of my local store with a copy of the game and the Death Zone Season one book in my arms! As I drove home, I kept asking myself what had I done? How was I so weak? And would anyone play the game with me? I am weak, I know it!

Once I got home, I carefully unwrapped the shrink wrapping and took off the lid, it was like Christmas of days gone by when I opened up the 2nd box all those years ago! There were cool new models, a cool new board, a cool set of templates, everything was so cool looking, GW had done a great job with this update and there was a WOW factor of opening the box like old GW games used to have.

Well a few nights ago I started working on assembling the new Orc models, you get two identical frames of 6 orcs, so I quickly assembled the 6 just as they were. But I knew that the next 6 would be converted into different poses and have a few head swaps. The first conversion was the Throwers.

Stock model on the Left, Converted on the Right.
It was a pretty easy conversion, just had to do a few cuts to alter the look of the model. All the models in the new game are two or three piece kits that really only go together one way. You have to do so thinking about what you want to do to them. Next up was the Blitzer, he had his arms removed and had to Black Orc arms added to him, I pictured him smashing through a line slugging and swinging as he went.

Stock on Right, Converted on Left.
But then, I remembered I had some after market Orc heads and I went crazy with head swaps and re positioning of the rest of the models. I even went and took off the heads on the two above models, I just loved how they look.

New Heads!

Group Shot
 My plan is to paint these guys up like my favorite NFL team, the Arizona Cardinals, but in typical Orc fashion, the will be called the AZog Orcinals! So they will be getting painted Red and White uniforms, I am just hoping that with the green skin, they will not look like the Christmas Orcs! We will see!

So there you go, I am weak and yes world, I am a GW addict, God help me if Necromunda comes back, I will be totally lost!



Phil Curran said...

I must resist this as I've already got a perfectly good board and human and orc teams.

Tim Kulinski said...

Good Luck with that, I could not do it!

harada57 said...
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