Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Whats been going on???

So some have noticed that I have not been doing my twice weekly updates on the blog. Well, I have been busy working on "stuff" and have not been able to do my updates as often as I want. So I thought I would give you a run down on what I am working on.

First up is my buddy Lonnie's Steel Legion that I am doing as a commission for him, delivery date is sometime in July. Basically Lonnie has a huge Steel Legion collection that he has collected from many folks for a couple of years. Most of them were already poorly painted by other people and needed to be stripped to the bare metal. In fact all but 30 of them went into the Simple Green to be stripped. Once the paint was off, I washed all the models (70+) in soapy water to get any residue off and then started to reassemble & base them. This past weekend they all got re-primed black and are now waiting to hit the paint table this weekend. The next part is that I have to fix/repair some of the vehicle models in the lot, which will be easy to fix since I have a ton of vehicle bits.

Besides that, I am awaiting a 2000 point Numdian/Roman army from my good friend Hank Edley in Chicago. I will be assembling and painting this army for a "Classical Campaign" that I will be running at Adepticon 2010. This is sort of a long term commission since I will get to play this army all year leading up to Adepticon and will hand it over to Hank while there. i am looking forward to painting this army, especially since it has a frickin WAR Elephant in it!

I still have a few left over projects that I have been working on for my good friends Mike & Tom. For Mike I still have about 9 Pulp figures to complete for him as well as some Aranica Buildings for Old West gaming. Oh and last night while over at Mike's place picking up my Litko Order, I took home about 12 planes for Check Your 6! to have the decals put on, so today after I get home I will be applying the decals to those.

Tom has a few things still at my place like his Imperial BFG fleet that I have to do the detailing work on, which after reading a book by Jack Campbell called the Dauntless, I was inspired to finish these. Also I need to paint up his Orc army for LotR which has about 70+ figures in it, which will paint up quickly. The only other thing I have is about 4 1/48th scale Tamyia Tanks for Tom. These just need to be built and base painted, Tom will do the detailing like weathering.

Now my latest project that I am working on is a Flames of WAR DAK army. I am still trying to decide what I need for the army and once that is done I will either be getting it from Battlefront or Old Glory, still trying to decide, so we shall see. I am also always working on Pirates, LotR, Old West & Pulp stuff, so I always have stuff to do.

Well that's whats been going on & I should have a few pictures of some of this stuff in the next few days, so stay tuned...


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