Monday, April 27, 2009

40k and Pirates

So a few weekends ago I got the bug to play 40K & called my good friend Rob of and we threw down a game of 40k. He brought his Imperial Guard & I busted out my Sisters of Battle. We were going to do a 400 point combat patrol game, but we bumped the points to 1000. We played Capture & Control and Rob went first. The basic run down was that I was able to get my Sisters over to Robs objective and ended up winning the battle.

So before I left for Adepticon, I took a painting commission from my good friend Lonnie. He wanted his Steel Legion Guard army painted. Well I got the army and it was in pretty bad shape, most of the figures had to be stripped, so into a bucket of Simple Green. Here is some of the Legion after they came out of the Simple Green Bath already to be primed.

Also this week I got a package from John over at it seemed that he needed a few Cannibals for his One day LotHS game he is running. So I sent him 10 cannibals and a few other bare metal figures, in return he sent me these figures below. There were a few Brigade Minis Pirates (which I did not have), as well as some Gripping Beast Celts to go along with the Wargames Factory Celts.

So there you go another update down...


Drunken Samurai said...

The 40K game pictures came out great! Your camera take such clean pictures...mine is showing its age.

Tim Kulinski said...

Some of the pictures that I did not post were pretty bad, the auto focus kept focusing on things other than the figures.

I only wish I did a better write up of the game for Lonnie!

NemFX said...

That one picture of the guardsman in the window.

That one picture got you another watcher.

You should do stuff like that more. Incredibly striking. I'll be watching.