Friday, May 22, 2009

Steel Legion Update

Well a small update today,

I heard back from Lonnie, he likes the test model, will move ahead with the army to "Get Er Done"! So sorry to DS & DT, no other pics will go up on the alternate scheme, Lonnie likes whats there. Now to crank out about 150 Steel Legion Guard and about 6 vehicles, which needs to be done by July for Lonnie (when he will be home for a bit from Iraq). So you know what I will be working on for the next month.

Work still continues on another commission for Mike, his Italians for FoW. he finally got the rest of his army in and will be delivering it sometime next week. Also the numidians from Hank arrived last week, basically a huge box full of lead, in it are Johns Spartans that I need to get to him (thankfully I don't need to paint those). The Numidian Project will be delivered to Hank at Adepticon 2010 and will be used in a Classical Campaign that a few of us at Adepticon are working on, stay tuned for more info in the following weeks.

This weekend here in the States is Memorial Day weekend, take some time to remember what soldiers, Past, Present & Future have done for you & your freedoms. It may be about BBQ's, but we should never forget what these brave folks did or are doing now for us, God Bless them and thank you for your sacrifice!


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