Sunday, May 17, 2009

Steel Legion Test Model


Some know that I have taken on a painting project for a friend of mine, Lonnie Jordon. It encompass' painting his Steel Legion for him and here is a test model that I dipped last week & have been pondering if I like it or not. Now Lonnie wants his Steel Legion to have a WW2 feel to them and I am using a color scheme based off of German uniforms. So I thought I would post this up to let you all see, as well as let Lonnie see and give me feedback on it.

Now the base colors are from Vallejo and the coat &; pants are in German Fieldgrey #102, boots and gloves are done in Black with a highlight of German Grey #167. Pouches and canteen are done in German C Mediumbrown #145. The straps and belt are done with Green Ochre #119. Everything done in silver used GW's Boltgun Metal and his Facemask is done with Creamcoate Mudstone. I dipped the figure in Minwax Polyshades Tudor and it was brushed on.

All in all it looks good, but I am not the one paying for it, so it needs to be approved by Lonnie. I can see by the photos that there is a hideous mold line on the helmet and the dip was put on to lightly since it did not recess in all the folds. But all in all looks good.


Drunken Samurai said...

The field grey coat is a little blah. You should do one with German Uniform. This is a little brighter color and will work better with the dip.

davetaylor said...

Hi Tim

Could you show us a before-dip model and a post-dip model? I'm also keen to see an example as suggested by Drunken Samurai (for comparison purposes.


Tim Kulinski said...

DS - Do you mean the Green german uniform color that I use for all my Germans?

DT - Sure will take some photos of a few other test models pre-dip tonight as well as DS suggestion.