Sunday, May 10, 2009

Desert Rumblings

So here are the few Pulp figures I had worked on this week for my buddy Mike, we are planning on doing a Desert Pulp game similar to the Mummy. The below figures are from Pulp Figures from Bob Murch These are some generic British troops to fight off the Mummies.

Here are a few Copplestone Figures as well as another Pulp Figure (middle) to represent Treasure hunters.

Last are a few more Copplestone and another Pulp Figure (middle) to represent a few Hero's. The Figure on the Left looks to me like Rick O'Connel (aka Brendan Fraser from the Mummy). On the right needs no explanation, but good old Indian Jones himself.

Also this week, I completed a deal with Mike to get this little box set below, that's right, I am going to get into Flames of War. We are all working on doing North Afrika and this 1500 point army will get me going for our little campaign. Now Jerry is going to flip out!

Here is how 1500 of DAK comes package, for big blisters! Now I need to get started on this!

Oh by the way, I have to paint a 1500 point Italian army for Mike for the DAK, so I am going to be really busy with painting. Good thing my job is almost over, I am going to need all the time to finish projects!


Robert said...


Tim Kulinski said...

Yeah, but no I have a DAK army!

Hank Edley said...

Your going to be doing a lot of painting it seems .. Mr. Kulinski.

Tim Kulinski said...

Yes I will, but I am up to the task!

Jerry said...

Nice stuff, Tim! I still have two Stugs if you want to trade.. lol.. not that you need to with that force! Get painting!