Friday, January 31, 2020

More Cars for the Carnage!

 Well I did it again, I built a few more cars for Gaslands Refuled this week. I have found that I really like building these cars and I am turning out at least three cars a week, have about 25 more cars to go!

So first up is this VW bug that Mike over at Da Green Skins Blog, he is a huge VW fan and he actually gave me this car a few weeks ago. The nice thing is that Hot Wheels distressed the paint job on the stock car. I added the twin machine guns to the roof and also added the wheel spikes (7/16" Snap button fasteners). I also did some weathering on the car, but that is about all I did and I think it looks awesome!

Mikes VW
next up was a simple Rat rod that I added the Mini gun to the side, I did paint up the motor which you can barely see and I also added a driver and passenger inside. But since I kept the tinted windows, you can barely see the people inside.

Rat Rod 
Lastly was this little delivery truck, the original model is already lowered and has the motor sticking out. I added the front plow, twin linked machine guns from my buddy Darren (3D printed) and on the back is a dropper. I painted this up almost in Singer Sewing machine green, I had a 67 panel side chevy van that I got from my great uncle in Casa Grande AZ. He was a Singer Sewing repairman and it was fitting to paint this up for him.

Green machine!
 So, there you go, three more cars for the Carnage!


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