Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Point 213 - Progress


I am making progress on my contribution to the Point 213 game for next year. As of my last post on the game, I had just gotten all of my British tanks and had assembled the Firefly. Well I got the three Cromwell's assembled, so now I have one British troop for the game.

One British Troop assembled, all Warlord Models.
 I have to say, these Cromwell's went together pretty fast and were a joy to build. I remember how long it took me to build the Tamyia kit, and these were much faster and easier to assemble.

So with that done, I based painted them in Testors spray enamel (the same can I used on the Tamyia kits from ten years ago!) which is Dark Green.

Base colors on!
 So sometime this week I will start cutting in the other colors and doing my washes on them. Besides the British armor, I said I would supply two German Tigers. I had one Warlord Tiger as well as a Rubicon Tiger, but I had apprehensions about using one none Warlord model out of all the armor kits. So this weekend I picked up a second Warlord Tiger so that all models would be Warlord and that the Tigers would look similar.

Three big Kitties, only two will be used together.
So with the purchase of that last Tiger, I now have all the models for the Point 213 game that I committed to. Now I need to get painting, but I think I will be picking up the Rubicon German Stowage set to plus up my Tigers before I start painting.

So there you have it...


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