Monday, December 19, 2016

More Troops join the Conflict


While this week has been a rather tough one, I did manage to get a few more models done for our ACW game in February. So here are the two new units. Most of the figures are all Perry Miniature plastics, although there are a few Old Glory Second Edition models in there, mostly command models. These two units are considered Large units for Black Powder, being 7 stands large, which is 28 models in each unit. I usually do 5 stand units, but wanted something a little larger, this way I can take units away to make them smaller.

Perry Miniatures black pants
 The above unit I decided to paint them with Black English Uniform pants, I wanted something a tad different and while looking at the Perry drawings, they had this as an option. Plus it is something different than all grey.

Perry Miniature with Federal Blue Pants.

The second unit is painted from another piece of art that is supplied in the Perry box set. This one has the unit wearing Federal blue pants. I envisioned a unit having looted or stole a military bag train and equipped themselves with the new pants. May not be historical, but hey, I like it.

Perry Miniature Metal commanders
A few weeks ago, DrunkenSamurai gave me two old Perry Metal command figures since I was lacking some commanders on horseback. Both were the same so I did a simple head swap using one of the Perry Plastic command heads. A quick snip and pin job and I had a different looking commander. Oh and one thing that does bother me is that they are based on plastic beveled bases instead of my laser cut MDF bases which I ran out of while getting these two painted!

I still have three cannons to paint as well as two more units and I will be ready for the game in February.



Phil said...

Great job!

Tim Kulinski said...

Thank you.