Monday, December 05, 2016

Field Works Complete and other stuff


Here are the completed field works that we will be using for the ACW Black Powder game in February. Drunkensamurai got all of them painted up and flocked, do have to say these look awesome on the tabletop.

Side view of filed works

Defenders side of Field Works
Close Up shots of the defenders side.

Attacking sides view, along with last group that charged!
Also to go along with this game, I am working on adding 6 regiments to my current Confederate force. Here below is the first new completed regiment.

1st new regiment raised!
This is an all Perry Miniature unit and is basically the left overs of two other boxes I had lying around. I really love the rag tag look of these figures, feels very Confederate to me.

Besides the unit, I finished up half of my dying or wounded models for the game. We use causality figures to represent wounds caused to the unit as opposed to using beads or similar markers. When not being used for the game, we usually have a make shift aid station with them all sitting around. DrunkenSamurai has these and will hopefully get them all finished up by game time.

Old Glory wounded ACW figures.
 SO there you have it, another quick update for our ACW game for February.

Oh one last thing...

BB in the House!
I caved and picked up the new Blood Bowl set, I had been trying to not pick it up, but I am weak! So you will be seeing more of this and the new Ork Team I am planning called Azog's Ardinals, based off of the AZ Cardinals!


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Phil said...

Wonderful field works, great job on them!