Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Tale of Three - It Begins!

Welcome folks to 2013 and to the newest Paint challenge that I have cooked up for a few buddies this year. Some of you may have remembered when myself and three other buddies did the "Tale of Four Lord of the Rings Players" back at the beginning of 2012. Well with a new year, comes a new challenge.

As I posted last year our little gaming group has been waiting for Bolt Action to come out, well it did last September and our group has loved playing it. So I cooked up another challenge to get three of us to paint up 3 new 1000 point armies for BA. So here is the gist of our little event:

We will be building up to 1000 points in about four months with 250 points each month. The challenge is to only do 250 points each month. You can do less than that but no more than 250 points each month. Now if you come up short points for each month, you can carry over the points to the next month. Example is you build 235 points this month, the following month you can add the extra 15 points to that month. So here is the schedule that each one of us will be following:
 Start Date: January 1st
 1st Installment Due: February 1st, 250pts
 2nd Installment Due: March 1st, 500pts
3rd Installment Due: April 1st, 750pts
 4th Installment Due: May 1st, 1000

 Our “Prize” for winning the challenge is twofold, first up we each get a new 1000 point army painted up for the game! Secondly we will celebrate by having a BBQ with a few adult beverages and throw down a game or two, a perfect prize for this challenge.

The challengers this year are:

Myself (Duh!) US Airborne
Jerry from Jerry's Big Picture doing Russians
Mike from Da Green Skins Doing US Infantry

So with the stage of players set and this being January 1st, I had to get started on my first installment. Now since the US army book is not out yet here in Phoenix, I will be starting with the US Airborne list in the main rulebook. So I dugout all my miniatures and started planning.

Artizan Designs and Bolt Action Figures awaiting paint!

 So first up would be the HQ. So I choose a 1st Lieutenant Veteran armed with a Thompson SMG at 90 pts. I then added two Veterans armed with Thompson's for another 26 pts, making the HQ unit 116 pts.

 Artizan Designs miniatures

This left me with 134pts to play with so I went with a 10man Veteran squad with the NCO armed with a Thompson for 133pts. I wanted a full 12man stick, but I was going over the 250 a month guideline we set.

10 man Airborne squad from Artizan Designs

So that gave me 249 points with one point to carry over to next month, man Veteran Airborne troops cost a lot!


So there you go, 13 figures for 249 points, not too bad to paint in one month. I shudder to think how many troops Jerry is going to have to paint since Russians get a free squad to start with! So stay tuned folks for more updates on how it is going and make sure to check out Jerry and Mikes blogs. Also Judson over at has run an article on what we are doing, so make sure to check in there as well.



Da Green Skins said...

Not a bad start to a new army for the New Year. I was able to get some paint one a few models today.

Tim Kulinski said...

Dude, you should do a intro on your blog man!

Simon Q said...

Sounds good will be following with great interest. Good Way to start the year

fireymonkeyboy said...


Scott said...

Best of luck with this Tim, looking forward to watching your progress.

Scott said...

Just a thought Tim, is no-one doing the dastardly Krauts?

Tim Kulinski said...


I have a huge Heer army already painted, Jerry has a good collection of painted Heer as well and Mike is just getting started. If you count Rob (DrunkenSamurai) he has a large collection of Germans as well, so the germans are pretty well represented.

Heretic said...

You know, those airborne might be expensive, but you will never truly realize how much that 5+ compared to 4+ to wound really makes a difference.