Thursday, January 31, 2013

First Installment Done!


The first installment of our little paint challenge is complete, as you may remember I am doing US Airborne and this first group is all Artizan Design figures. I have to say that these figures were fun to paint, they have just enough detail and they just seem to paint up quickly. So here you go, first up is my HQunit.

Next up is the 10 man squad of veterans, once again all these figures are Artizan Design figures.

Here is a shot of the whole group, all 249 points worth in all their glory!

 So with the first installment done, time to think of the next batch, so here is what I will be painting for this next month.

So I will be painting two more airborne troops with BAR's (36 points), one airborne troop with SMG (16 points), a 60mm light mortar team (46 points), a 75mm Howitzer (60 points) and lastly a 57mm Anti-tank gun (90 points). The 75mm Howitzer and the 57mm Anti-tank gun are from Warlord, the rest are Artizan Designs. So stay tuned until next month on the paint challenge.

So besides my first installment, I have been very painting. I am working on a large Chaos commission over at SPS and in the last week I completed 21 Plague Marines, 10 Obliterators, 20 Chaos Cultists and  Agis Defense line. I also completed these seven stand of American Bazookas for my Flames of War American mid war army (Here you go Robert!)

So there you go, January is in the books and I would say I am off to a good start...



Simon Quinton said...

They all look great and wow how busy have you been!!

Dagreenskins said...

I really like the way your models turned out. Can't wait to see next months installment.

Austronaught said...

That squad leader looks like Buck Compton from band of brothers!

Jerry said...

Looking good, Tim. Those are some awesome looking models too.