Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 comes to an end, bring on the New Year!


It is that time of year again and it is time to look back at what was and how I did on the gaming front. So without further ado here what I wanted to do met up with how I actually did.

Well I had grand plans to do some cool looking terrain for a couple of projects, WW2, Old West and a Caribbean town for Pirates. Well, this was an epic fail! Now I did help my buddy Robert work on some roads for WW 2 games and I did paint up two buildings for GitD and Pulp games, but other than that was it.

First off I wanted to get Legends of the Old West back on the table this year, and once again this was an epic fail. Besides talking about playing, that is about as far as we got. A few friends did buy a couple of buildings, but nothing else happened. In fact my son and I were just talking about it how we both failed on this. Also I wanted to do a LotOW day, but that did not happen either.

One success has been Bolt Action from Warlord, I got the game in September and have gotten in 4 games, one of them today (I lost!) and this looks like the game for 2013, but more on that later.

Flames of War stayed on the table and Robert and I got in a ton of games as well as I played in my first Flames of War tournament. In fact I think FoW was the most played game for 2012. I completed my third army (American Infantry) and feel pretty comfortable with the game.

As some know, Last February saw the last Gathering in the Desert for Lord of the Rings. After 5 years of running this event I decided to hang up my hat of organizer for LotR. Some were sad to see it go away, others said it was time. There has been talk of running something else, but we will see.

Lord of the Rings went cold for me this year, after GitD, I was spent and disliked where GW was taking the game. Most recently GW released the Hobbit game, a revamp of the LotR game. But due to the crazy pricing, I can not justify spending the money on the game anymore, in fact GW has become way overpriced and I am done with them, on to better things.

I also wanted to get Empire of the Dead to the table, did get in two games of it, but that is about as far as that got. Did get a few Werewolves painted and a few henchmen built, but than it got put on a shelf and that was that. I had plans to Demo the game at our local convention in February but the convention has been canceled, so no big demo for Empire of the Dead for now.

Lastly my buddy Mike and I had ideas of grandeur of doing a Blood Bowl tournament. I started the year with a Blood Bowl day on new Years day and it was a hit, hence the idea for a BB tournament. Well, do to some local issues with BB players, this idea sort of petered out. So fail on this.

Blog Stuff
Well I got an online award for the blog, I was nominated 3 times for the Liebster Award! This award was given to me as a way to bring attention to smaller followed blogs and it is nice to get a nod from peers on what I am doing.

So there you go, now lets look at the plans for 2013...

 Well with my divorcing of GW, I have found a new game company that seems to be hitting it out of the park with their games.

Bolt Action will be getting a ton of play since it is now my favorite WW2 28mm. I will be doing a challenge with three other buddies starting on New Years day so stay tuned for that. I also plan on working on terrain to go along with the WW2 gaming.

A Black Powder American Civil War game that Robert got to the table this year has got me committed to building a brigade of Confederates for another game. 

There has been talk of doing Hail Caesar games and since I have a Mongol army and a viking army just sitting, this could become reality rather soon. Seeing how Bolt Action and Black Powder are great games, I am sure HC will be as well.

I am looking at still doing some Old West and the inspiration is coming from a PS3 game, Red Dead Redemption. I got this video game for Christmas and it is giving me the itch to do some old west gaming. I am going to be play testing a friends Old West game so this will be perfect for this year.

Flames of War will be back this year since just today my buddy Robert just got a cool scenic piece that looks like Anzio. So perhaps we will get our act together and finally play a campaign using the FoW rules. Regardless we will be getting back to 15mm WW2.

So that just about does it for 2013, I am going to keep the list short and sweet and we will see how it shakes out for the new year. Robert and I have a saying, once we write it down on our blogs, it usually dose not happen, so I am trying something new this year, short and sweet. Happy New Year folks, see you in 2013...



Simon Q said...

We all make plans and over the course of the year real life and other things distract us. Hapy New Year well done on the award and I look forward to visting your blog in 2013

Tim Kulinski said...

Thanks Simon, it is always fun to look back and see what I got done and what I thought I would get done. Happy New Year and thanks for following the blog.

Da Green Skins said...

I feel that 2013 will be the year of Bolt Action. I hope this game fills that void in my gaming life.

Scott said...

Nice review Tim.
Shame to see LOTR go, but I understand your reasons.
Warlord Games are certainly the company on the go at the mo' , with their BP / HC and supplements and now Bolt Action, though not sure whether I will dip my toe in another era/scale - I have far too much backlogged already...
All the best for 2013.