Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Results from Gathering in the Desert

Well here they are, the final results from Gathering in the Desert 2009. One thing to mention, is that Anthony was not eligible to win best Overall since he did not paint his own army, so the best he could get was best General for going 5,0,0 over the weekend.

I will post pictures later this week...



John@Plastic.Legions said...

looks like an awesome event Tim, congrats..I look forward to trying to attend next year once I get a year of solid play under my belt.
What could be better than getting the hell out of Chicago in Feb.
See you at Adepticon.

Tim Kulinski said...

Yeah John, the weather was awsome, was in the mid 80's. I was in Tee shirt & shorts all weekend!

Hmm I think it still may be cold for that in Chicago in a month, see you then man!

davetaylor said...

Hi Tim

I'm a bit confused, it looks like Brent's Best Overall was actually 2nd Best Overall. Or do you award the prizes with a different "heirachy" (eg. Best General has most kudos, then Overall, then sports etc)?

Sounds like it was a great event! Have a great time at Adepticon.


Tim Kulinski said...


Brent won overall because Anthony did not paint his own army so he could not win the Overall award.

The Best Overall award and Best Army Appearance awards are only available to those competitors that painted their own army.
The same army/models that won Best Appearance last year are not eligible to win again for Best Appearance this year. No player may win more than one award.

We felt that Overall encompass's all of the hobby & buying a painted army or paying someone to paint was unfair. So thats why he got Best General & not Overall. Anthony knew this going into the event as well as Damian & Mike who I had painted there armies.

davetaylor said...

Ahhh, thanks mate. I knew there'd be a reason, just couldn't see it immediately. I do, however, strongly agree with your approach. Congratulations once again on a well run event!