Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What a Weekend!


I had thought I would be able to get in a update over the weekend, but was up early & went to bed late every night. Gathering in the Desert 2009 has come & gone now & it was a stellar event, we had a few hick ups, but nothing serious. I took well over 300 pictures & spent the Monday editing them and will be posting them in the next few days.

I have to say thanks to everyone that came out to play, a big thank you to our sponsors Games Workshop, Empire Games, Litko, Castle Kits and AZ hot Shots! Also a big thank you to Dean for helping out and a even bigger thank you to my wife for letting me do this, Love you Dear!

One highlight of the weekend was that I won two out of the three Red Dragon painting awards which we had the store staff judge. I won for the best battle scene with Gandalf & Saurman in a duel, it was the only entry though. And I won the Best single mini for my Gandalf entry. I was truly surprised by this!

Any how, will have pictures up in a few days so stay tuned.


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thereandblogagain said...

Thanks again for a great weekend Tim! Looking forward to seeing your photos.