Monday, February 16, 2009

Less than a week to go...

And Gathering in the Desert will be upon us! Allot of preparations have gone into this event and I am looking forward to this coming Saturday. Terrain has been built, armies are being painted, bags are being packed, it is going to be an awesome event and I hope we set the bar high for the First Circuit event for LotR for 2009.

I was talking to my good friend Robert Brightwell last night about the event and he & I are both hoping that this event still retains the charm of last July's first GitD, let me explain. It seems that out of the three core games for GW (WHFB, 40K & LOTR), LotR still has that small charm feel to it. There is not allot of players that seem to play, although more & more are realizing the game daily. There is a close knit feel with the community here in the states and it seems that most regular players know each other in one way or the other.

Allot of that is due to the most part one US based web site, the LotR AWC Forums . It seems to be the best active US based sight out there and most of the US Tourney LotR players are there on those boards. I have found that this group of guys seems to be the most knowledgeable on all aspects of the game and is very friendly to new comers to LotR as well as old timers of the game. This small group of folks has been an inspiration to me while Dean & I worked on the idea of GitD. We have been able to craft an event that was worthy enough for GW to ask us to participate in the 2009 Circuit.

So what was the charm from 2008's GitD, well it was small with only 16players. It was well run and we had no issues with the scenarios or rules. We had some outstanding looking armies that were fully painted and the terrain looked rather well. The last thing was that most folks walked away with some sort of prize. There was also another interesting thing I noticed last year and it happened when everyone was having lunch. You see we catered lunch for folks and I noticed that everyone was sitting around with each other talking about there games they played. Now this is nothing new, and it does happen at other events, but the group just seemed to gel together better than at other events. Every one seemed to be getting along and there was not tension in the air like at other 40k & WHFB events here in the valley. It reminded me of the WAB events that Tom O & I have run in the past, it was just a laid back feeling to it.

So that takes me back to my talk with Rob, I hope with us now being on the Tourney Circuit that we retain the feel from the first GitD. I can say that as the organizer, I have tried to make it so, but I think it will come down to the players attitudes. If the folks keep the laid back attitude with the game, than I think it will feel just like before. But that's not something I can control, I can only put on the best event that I can and I think we will. Thanks for letting me rant...

By the way, I have progressed on my Uruk-hai, but was just too lazy to upload the pictures of them. Perhaps tonight I will get a few pictures up...



davetaylor said...

Best of luck Tim! I look forward to reading the reports next Monday.


Anonymous said...

Well, I'm one of those "US Tournament players" and I vow to play for fun. Don't get me wrong, I play to win (yum, I love prizes) but the community atmosphere is one of the most important things for me.

To be honest, the main reason I'm going to the GitD tournament is the people. Of the out-of-towners, I've met, played with or against, given grief to (and received in return) all but one. Although we only see each other a few (or perhaps one) times a year, I consider these guys my friends.

I've had many discussions with both organizers (you guys know this) and I've also chatted with at least two of the local players. From everything I can gather, the rest of the locals are all just as cool.

I think you guys are going to do an amazing job. I think we'll have a blast playing and in the end, I think I'll make some new friends and reaffirm some existing friendships. Afterall, that's what a "community" is all about (in my opinion).

Oh yea, did I mention, I'm going to come home with a load of prizes :)

Tim Kulinski said...


I know most of you guys comming from either meeting you guys at Adepticon last year or via the web and everyone is very laid back. but some of the locals don't know anyone except for Frank, so they are not sure how you "Out of Towners" play.

The local crowd here is laid back as well but with this now being a "Circuit" Event, they were worried that it may bring out the worst in people. I can only assure them that most of you are not out for the all mighty Win!

So to help keep it laid back, I have a few special awards that Dean & I have not mentioned. So you can go away with an award & even a trophie!