Monday, January 22, 2007

Orcs, Elves, and a Big Skull O my!

Well I finally got of my duff & took a few pictures of my Mordor Orcs that I promised a few updates ago, so here are a few shots. This is a group of converted Morannon Orcs using bits from the Minas Tirith warriors.

The next picture is of my Orc Swordsmen using the same bits from the Warriors of Mins Tirith.

Here is a shot of my Warg Riders, I currently have 8 out of 12 done:

The last two shots are of my Mordor Standard bearer & the Orc Captain.

Also here is my next project that I'm working on. It's a Elven force from Rivendall for the upcomming Campaign day event that I'm running on February 11th at Imperial Outpost. I'm really not playing but organizing the event & will only play if we have an odd number of players. Because of this I had to put together a good force to play not knowing what side I will be playing on. So I will either have the Good side with 250 points of elves (only 18 models) or I will use my Orcs. But reguardless I need to get started on painting really soon.

Now here is a shot of some Tactical miniatures that I painted up a while ago. have not used them in a game but looking forward to.

In my last post I included shots of my Sisters of Battle, well I have two Inquistors that I'm working on for the force and this guy is going to be the more Radical Inquistor, hence the Golden armour. This is an old figure that my good friend Rob B gave me. He had been wanting to use him for awhile & when I told him about my Radical Inq, he gave me this guy. Most folks that see him don't even know he is an older Games Workshop figure, from around the 80's I think.

He is still a long way off from being done, but he is getting there.

The last picture comes from a friend over across the pound in England, Tim Eagling. He recently went on holiday (vacation for us here in the states) to Paris Disneyland over Christmas. I asked him i he could snap off a few pictures of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride & Skull Rock for me. As soon as I saw the shot I loved it, this will be my next terrain project I think...

Thats it for now, off to paint...

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