Sunday, January 07, 2007

Pirates & SOB's

Tonight I have a few Pirates that I was working on for the Pirate Project. These are a few Old Glory figures. Some may notice a few of the Pirates from the Old Glory Army deal, not sure if any of them are for sale yet. So here we go,
This is a conversion from a Foundry pirate & some GW parts.

Here is one of the Pirate Captains from the Old Glory Army Deal.

Here is another one

Here are two Pirates from the Looting Range of pirates from Old Glory

Now I also have been painting up a few Sisters of Battle (SOB's) that I got from a good friend. I have about 40 Sisters painted & tow units of ten Seraphim done. I also have a few Heavy weapons taken care of.


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Jan Tregeagle said...

That last fig is a beauty but I can't seem to ID it. Is it a conversion or some limited edition miniature? Thanks.