Thursday, January 11, 2007

Lord of the Rings Event 2/11/07


Have not had time to paint in the last few days, been busy getting a Lord of the Rings event organized at my local shop. here are the particulars:

Lord of the Rings Campaign Day
Date: February 11, 2007, Place: Imperial Outpost Games, Time: 10:00am, Cost: $10.00

This event will be a campaign driven tournament. Players will sign up in either the “Evil side” or the “Good Side”. Players will then be divided into teams that will compete against each other for “World Domination of Middle Earth!”, while the individual players compete for the titles of “WARLORD!” or “CHAMPION” of Middle Earth

Scale: 25/28mm armies. They should be painted but not necessary although bonus points will be handed out for fully painted armies. You may also use non LotR figures for this as long as they follow WYSIWYG rule. WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) rule is in effect for this event, so models must be armed appropriately so as no confusion occurs during the event.

Rules: We will be using the rules from the Lord of the Rings Rulebook, NO House rules will be in play. The following errata/additions will be used Legions of Middle Earth & the Lord of the Rings Rulebook FAQ found here
Table size: All games will be played on a 4’x4’ table. Terrain will be randomly determined, but preset on the tables prior to the tournament start. Players will not move terrain, it will remain in place, but players will move between the tables. If a player ends up on a table that he already played on, he must use the other side. Otherwise, each player rolls 1d6 and the high roller then picks the side of the table he wants to use.
Army size: Players need to bring 250 points maximum of appropriate troops for their army. Armies must follow the army list as laid down in the Legions of Middle Earth Expansion Book.
Restrictions: No Named Heroes may be taken at all and you must include a Captain to lead your force. The only rules that will not be in play are for the newest supplement Ruin of Arnor.
What to bring: You must bring two copies of your Roster (one for the judges & the other for your opponent to look at). You must also bring the appropriate troops that you are fielding for the event. Also please bring your rulebook or any relevant supplements that you are using for your list. Also bring dice, tape measure, paper & pen.
Teams: Players will be divided into 2 teams for each of the sides prior to start. Players on each team will then roll off (1d6 with high die winning) for command of their side for the first round. The commanders for each side will then roll off (1d6 with high die winning) to determine the match-ups. The winning commander picks who from his team will fight which opposing player; the losing commander then picks which table this battle will take place on. The losing commander chooses the second match-up, with the winning commander picking the table for the game. The commanders alternate in this fashion until all players are paired off for the first round.

Game 1: Meeting Engagement Follow all guidelines for this scenario as listed on the sheet.
Between Games 1 and 2: Scores will be recorded and the commander for each side will now be the high-scoring player from Game 1.
Game 2: I’ll met by Moonlight Follow all guidelines for this scenario as listed on the sheet.
Between Games 2 and 3: Scores will be recorded and the commander for each side will now be the player with the highest cumulative score.
Game 3: Take & Hold Follow all guidelines for this scenario as listed on the sheet.
Between Game 3 & 4: Scores will be recorded to see which armies per side are the top leaders, then the players will be paired up as follows: Top 2 armies leading will be paired and then the next top 2 will be paired. So that there are tow teams per side (2 teams for Evil against two teams of Good). Then these two Teams will fight against the opposing Top 2 teams for the final Battle.
Game 4: To the Death! Follow all guidelines for this scenario as listed on the sheet. But for scoring the winning side will split the points awarded.

Awards: Overall (Top Score) - Best Sportsman - Best painted

Really looking forward to this, off course I'm the Odd man out, so the only way I will get to play is if someone can't make it. Right now we have 8 players that are supposed to be comming. The other thing is that I need to paint up a Good Force for the event. Right now all I have painted are my Mordor Orcs (which I still havn't posted pics of!). So I think I will go with a Rivendall Elven force which will give me about 18 figures. That means I have only 18 figures to paint, with me having to go out & buy 10 figures this weekend. So I should be busy with painting in the next few days...


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