Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Necromunda buildings


Necromunda is one of my all time favorite games and we have been playing since the re release of it. I have the Death Ray Designs wall set for the tunnels, but I realized that I did not have any other terrain for more 3D games.

So one of my projects this year is to build up some terrain for the game, I still have my old cardboard terrain, but will be using those as templates for a few other structures and bring them up to today's standards. In the meantime I found two old projects that my buddy Robert and I worked on a few years ago. All that they needed was paint, well the green building needed a new base as the wood Masonite one got wet and busted. The green little building was made from old Cities of Death terrain from Games Workshop. The green building also has an engine from a Land Raider in it and looks perfect as some sort of generator. I remember these being a tad tall, but with today's figures, they work fine now.

Green building 
 As with all my weathering, Vallejo Environmental paints were used as well as a few Americana craft colors. The key with weathering is layers, I just paint/dab on colors in somewhat of a randon spots (areas I think would have filth or rust) and just go to town. Hardest part is to know when to call it done!
Big Door side

Where is the Adeptus Mechanicus now?
The second little building was basically just four old Necromunda bulk heads glued together, we wanted some smaller building to be used as scatter terrain, all I did was cut some PVC for the roof and glued on the light. I also added two old rhino doors to make the bulkhead  door look closed and just added a plastic base to it to match the other one. The nice thing is I could use these as LOS blockers in the tunnel version as well.

This one was painted yellow and my tried and true weathering was used on it like the green building. I wanted this one to feel very industrial by going with the yellow. I like it, my wife said its cute in a disgusting way, I will take that as a complimet!

Little Yellow building

Old Necromunda Bulkheads.

The other side
Here are the two side by side in all their weathered underhive glory, these will look nice on the table and as I said above, I could use these with my DRD walls.

Two dirty buildings!

The backside of the dirty buildings!
I am working on a complete scratch built building that I will post up once I get it finished, my goal is to have enough terrain for a 2'x3' table.


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Terry Silverthorn said...

They look fantastic! I've snagged a bunch of the Necromunda terrain & also bought the Death Ray Designs kit for the tunnel walls, Glad I've held off as I will likely compliment your work by borrowing your palette! Cheers!