Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Tanks, Tanks and more Tanks!


I think I finally have gone back to playing FoW in this new edition, our group was slow in embracing it and before the Rona hit we were getting in games again. So while stuck at home, I found this lone Panzer IV F1 that needed to be painted for my DAK force, so after sitting in the box for years unpainted, it hit the bench last Friday and got some new paint.

Panzer IV F1
 So I challenged myself to see if I could paint this one tank up during my lunch last Friday. One good thing about Arizona this time of the year, is that when you prime models they dry very quickly. So I was able to paint up this in about 30 min. Now decals and weathering took place after work, but the basic paint was completed on my lunch.

Panzer IV F1
Earlier in the week I decided to order a few kits from an online distributor to add some needed tanks for my Mid War Eastern Front German army. I had been using some older Battlefront models that were without side skirts. So being a fan of Plastic Soldier Company, I ordered a box of Panzer IV's and two boxes of Panzer III LMN's.

PSC Panzer IV's
 The tanks arrived on Friday and I got to assembling the kits. Now I had built the Panzer IV's before and have 6 of them in my DAK force, but this time I would be adding the skirting around the turret. The PSC kits are good kits, but the turret skirts were a bit of a pain. On the first tank the skirting was too low and rubbed on the lower hull and got hung up on the detail. I had to file down the skirting to get them to move freely. But one that was done, they were perfect.

PSC Panzer III M's
 This was the first time to build the late model Panzer III kits, as once again I have them in my DAK force but are the earlier model types.. I built these as M's and found that the turret skirting was going to run into the smae problem as the Panzer IV's, so I took care to make sure that they were glued on correctly to not interfere with the lower hull. These kits are awesome and I really love the look of the Panzer III's with all the skirting on them and can't wait to start painting them.

I also have been working on some late war German infantry that Robert gave me to add to this force and they are currently on the paint bench now, photos and a post will be forth coming soon.


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