Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ruins and another Pulp!


I have been busy working on a few ruins for the up coming Gathering in the Desert event that I am running for Bolt Action. Over Christmas I picked up a set of Warlords Ruined Hamlet which includes three ruined buildings. I built up the ruins and mounted them to MDF and went to work painting them up. Now I have to say I wanted to go to town on these with more rubble. But what I have found is that it may look cooler with more debris, it usually doesn't lend itself for playability. So I kept these relative clear of debris going for playability over realism.

Well besides the ruins, I got another Pulp Miniature completed this week, it is Doctor Mathis from the University. Once again, this figure was a blast to paint up and had just the right amount of detail.

So there you go folks, another week down and another post. I will be doing a write up of the Flames of War event I attended this past weekend, so once I get all my thoughts down I will get it posted here, so stay tuned...



el zorro said...

Nice work. Simple, yet lots of detail and potential.

so sad that I missed the chance to attend the LOTR side of GitD, but I hope the new series is just as good.

Robert Brightwell said...

Nice work Tim! I guess I need to finish up my ruins.

David Coleman said...

Those look great.

Joe Derocher said...

How about a step by step on this . Really nice work.

Ryan Elkins said...

Can you post what paints you used for the dirt and also what you used for the buildings. I am very new to the hobby world and could use some help.